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I believe that summer is all about keeping it simple. I prefer my clothing to be lightweight, easy and practical. I  purchase items around a limited color palette so that I can easily mix and match. In the winter my clothing base color is black, in the summer it is definitely all about white. White makes me feel cool (temperature wise, even if it is 99 degrees outside) and crisp and clean. It feels fresh after a season of heavy colors and knits.

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Focusing on a base color palette makes it easy to decide what color to buy when purchasing summer clothing, helping to simplify shopping. By building off of white I can mix up my metals, both gold and silver look great, as well as add in brightly colored accessories, like my favorite funky print wedges from Toms.

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Below are some of my favorite looks from Pinterest of summer whites. For more white inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board titled White Hot by clicking HERE. 


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Summer White Outfit

White Lace Sundress - With Love From Kat


cute summer look



all white

Life with Emily | a life + style blog : White Maxi Dress


Not feeling the white from head to toe look? Try white as an accent to highlight your best feature. Got great legs? Go for the skinny white jeans, shorts or a skirt!


C. Style: White and Navy





Not sure you feel comfortable with white on the lower half? Show off your top half with a white top and darker bottom.


Simple look for summer with ripped denim, a minimal white tank, clutch and high heeled sandals


Loose White Tank. Blue Jeans. Teen Fashion. By-Iheartfashion14   →follow←



What’s your favorite white look? Do you work off of a specific summer color palette?  Let me know! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



*Insider Tip  – Invest Wisely

I often tell my clients to really consider CPW (Cost Per Wear) when investing in an item. Here in Pennsylvania our summers are relatively short, and the Spring and Fall seasons are really unpredictable, so I don’t like to spend too much money on items that are going to get worn mainly in July and August.  Luckily most white wardrobe summer items can be found at lower price points at a variety of places. My two favorite white dresses this year were purchased on sale at Old Navy. Look for lightweight textured items that can be easily worn and washed to get the most bang for your buck.

Womens Crinkle-Gauze Tube Maxi DressesWomen's Crinkle-Gauze Drop-Waist Dresses | Old Navy



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  1. I love wearing white clothes and I feel wearing white looks great especially if you have a tan. I wear flesh colored underwear under my white clothing to ensure nothing shows through it!

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