Special Delivery – Jewels delivered right to your home!

Did anyone hear screaming on Friday night? I was screaming with excitement when I arrived home and discovered a package from DeChic Boutique. It’s like a wine-of-the-month club but instead of wine you get jewelry! (I honestly would recommend subscribing to both and drinking the wine as you celebrate opening your delivery of bling. )


Here’s how it works….


For a monthly subscription rate of  $48 a month  you receive a box of goodies delivered right to you. No need to stress over which ones to pick out because all of that is done for you. You get 3 pieces, (necklace, earrings and a bracelet) wrapped up like birthday gifts just for you.

2015-02-27 21.08.23

2015-02-27 21.08.52

2015-02-27 21.09.07

2015-02-27 21.09.24


2015-02-27 21.10.09


2015-02-27 21.11.02


2015-02-27 21.11.13



That’s it! It’s that simple!

The very best part? You don’t have to stress over running out to go shopping or worrying over making a selection. All that’s left is the fun part – incorporating your new pieces into your wardrobe! Below I show 3 very different looks, all with the same necklace and the same pair of pants (the J.Crew Pixie pant with leather).

Look 1 – Downtown Weekend

Featuring my favorite new purchase,  a Chaser tank from Chantilly Blue ( you will be seeing me post a lot of outfits based around this top, I’m obsessed!), paired back to a casual denim jacket and my glam version of biker boots. Here the necklace softens the edges up a bit and adds a feminine touch to a more rocker look.

 2015-02-28 12.55.57

2015-02-28 12.56.26


Look 2 – Business as Usual

I paired the necklace with a classic striped button down, camel jacket and black heels. Perfect for anywhere from a PTO meeting to a CEO meeting. The necklace adds  just a touch of softness and interest to what could be boring business basics.

2015-02-28 13.02.04 2015-02-28 13.01.37

Look 3 – Drinks and a Date

Whether it’s a Friday first date kind of night or get together with your favorite group of girlfriends, this look is super simple and works at a bar or a bistro. Simply swap the top for something a little more fun, (in this case a peplum tank) and a statement jacket in sequins. Add glittery heels (from Ashley Austin) and you are all set!

2015-02-28 13.09.39 2015-02-28 13.09.47

Worried this necklace only works for black pants? Definitely not.

2015-02-28 13.50.11 2015-02-28 13.50.53

2015-02-28 13.45.20 2015-02-28 13.45.29

The possibilities are only as endless as your own imagination. That is the best part about jewelry. Even if it is considered a “statement” necklace remember that since you are the one wearing it you get to choose what statement you are going to make. Rocker? Bohemian Chic? Preppy? Classic? You are in charge of your look.

*Insider Tip – Start with the jewelry.

So many times when I go to help a client with the contents of their closet they tell me that they love jewelry but struggle with making it work into their existing wardrobe. The solution is simple. When working with a necklace/earrings/bracelet that stands out try to create your outfit around that piece. So often what happens is a women looks at her closet, picks out her outfit, and then tries to make the jewelry options work into her existing outfit. This is actually much more challenging. Generally we have more clothes than jewelry so we need to go in the other direction. Much like when you are decorating a room, it is so much easier to pick a paint color after you have chosen a fabric as an inspiration. Have you ever tried to go pick out a comforter after you had painted the walls? It is super challenging to find one that fits the particular hue of the paint. However, when you work the other way around you will find there are infinite amounts of paint colors to go back to your chosen comforter.  Picking out a piece of jewelry makes it easy to choice simply solids and textures to compliment and showcase a beautiful accessory. It also helps you to pull together pieces you might not have put together before.


Saturday night we had a date night with some friends. A few weeks ago I found a beautiful Nanette Lepore silk top at Greene Street Consignment in West Chester,  but I had yet to wear it. Having received the necklace the day before, I was excited to wear it and I realized it was the finishing piece of jewelry I needed to compliment the color and neckline of the top. Mission accomplished!

2015-03-01 19.43.11



Need help mixing and matching? I’m here to help..contact me to “shop” within your own closet. Sign up for your Sparkle Surprise Box by DeChic and I will come over and create new looks based on your new jewelry.

Thanks for reading!


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