Plain and Simple – The Search For a White T-Shirt.

Please tell me that somewhere in the world a white non-sheer T-shirt still exists!!!! Doesn’t having to wear 2 shirts defeat the purpose of wearing a T in the first place?!?!

– posted on my page from my friend Rebecca.

It’s on my top 10 must have list that I give to all my clients and yet finding the right one can be very difficult. Almost as difficult as me convincing my husband that I HAVE TO HAVE this glittery moosehead for over our fireplace. Yes, I know it won’t happen but a girl can still dream.

Rustic Glam, all over this disco moose!

But trust me, finding a  good white t-shirt IS POSSIBLE! And yes, Rebecca, no tank top layering required (Amen)!  Here are my top 5 picks…

#1 – Short Sleeve Scoop T by TSquared – $46

tsquared_260_s20501w_01_cover.jpg (1516×2000)

In its heyday The Gap used to be the golden standard for basic staples. I do not know what has happened but they have failed us all miserably. TSquared came to the rescue.The only thing this company makes is black and white tops, so they know what they are doing.  This flattering scoop neck is a perfect blend of cotton and modal. I luuuuuhhhhhhvvveee modal!!  It’s soft but thick enough that you cannot see through it.  This is the perfect t if you are looking for that classic fit without the middle cling. Oh and did I mentioned they are the favorite t-shirt of Lisa at Chantilly Blue in Kennett Square? And if you know how particular she is about her denim then you know she is going to be just as much of a perfectionist when it comes to carrying the perfect white t.

#2 – T-shirt – The Savannah Cotton T from Chicos $29 (on sale for $15!)

Shop Tees and Tanks for Women - Women's Tops - Chico's

I know some of you think Chico’s may not be your style but this simple piece is pretty much for everyone. It’s 100% cotton so there is no cling factor. The sleeves are just a little longer if you are feeling self conscious about your arms. And the back hem is slightly longer, dipping down into a U-shape to breakup the backside view. Keep in mind their sizing is different, and it goes by numbers 00 (fits a size 0/2) to a 4 (fits a size 20/22).

#3 – The Micay T from Left of Center at Anthropologie – $48

Micay Tee #anthropologie

You know how some girls look like they have that perfect, casual, half tucked look to their shirts? This one will get you there. It is 100% cotton with a slight texture that just gets better wash after wash. Super comfy and not clingy at all, but structured enough so you don’t feel like you are swimming in it. The v-neck is just the right length. I pretty much love everything from this brand so make sure you check out what else they have in tanks and tunics.

#4 – The Marais T by Lysee – $78

Marais Tee

So sometimes you need the white t shirt that steps it up a little bit, the perfect accompaniment to wide leg palazzo pants, summer skirts, or under a suit for work. In that case you don’t want texture, you want a thicker fabric that is smooth and looks polished. This modal t is your answer. The ruching is adaptable so it can be tucked in, pulled down or gathered up to camouflage the middle.  The scoop is modest so it flatters Kelly Ripa to Dolly Parton. It’s shape wear-ish without that icky suffocating factor.

#5 – The 1×1 Scoop Neck T from Splendid – $48

Splendid Official Store, 1x1 Scoop Neck Top, black, Womens : Tops : Short Sleeve, STAG1614

If you have a tiny or more petite frame, you probably feel like most t-shirts are swallowing you up. Time to try this cotton modal blend from Splendid. Known for their super soft fabric finishes,  Splendid’s 1×1 t gives a little bit more of a slim cut through the waist and hits about the top of the hip. The sleeve coverage is just enough and the scoop hits just right.

*Insider Tip  – Kick Leo Off Your Life Raft

Did Rose kill Jack by not sharing raft in 'Titanic'?

Beware of the term “tissue t.” It’s just as bad as it sounds. Unless you are under 20 this sheer clingy look isn’t good. I tell  my clients that these “drippy” fabrics are no different from Jack clinging to Rose’s raft in the Titanic. If you body is the raft that tissue t is going to cling to everything, including but not  limited to your bra and any extra skin or rolls on your torso. They are annoying b/c they don’t fit over anything properly (again the sticking factor) and nothing goes over them properly (back to the cling). If you have already purchased some of these clunkers it’s time to kick ’em to the curb. Feeling guilty about ditching your super soft friend? Demote it to your pajama drawer where super soft and thin can be a welcome feeling for sleeping. Just think of it like sleeping with Leo clinging to you (in the good looking days, not his current Sasquatch look.)

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  1. Thanks to Suzie & Rebecca! I’ve never understood the sheer t-shirts. When it’s hot the last thing I want is to wear 2 shirts. Love knowing a perfect white T exists. Thanks for the great advice, Suzie!!!

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