You need this tank top…

Some things are just offensive to our eyes. Last week we had the privilege  opportunity to shadow our children for a whole day in middle school. You can come and go as you please but I felt I owed it to my daughter to stick it out as long as I could so that I could remember the pain and suffering of 6th grade. I also thought briefly about following around a kid that was not mine as a joke, but then I realized that would be humorous only to me and creepy to the child. Anyway about half way through math I couldn’t listen to any more cube rooting and especially not to the child that asked the teacher for the 4th time what the date was. Bless these teachers and their patience levels. I would have been flipping desks and losing my mind by 10am. I stopped into the ladies room and realized was faced with this as I washed my hands.


Need a better look?



Why it’s a feminine product vending machine! And look! Something has tried to crawl its way into or out of it! And what’s Delta Burke from Designing Women doing holding those roses? Is it a romantic gift to have your period in middle school? Ugh! This is just awful. Also keep in mind I went to this very same middle school. And this very same machine was here almost 20 years ago and Lord knows how long before that. There has got to be a better, less scary way to dispense these products. Maybe the photo still from the movie Carrie?

Carrie White - Carrie. I miss horror movies without all the effects and just straight creepy and scary.:

Speaking of offensive to our eyes…leggings are great, but they are not pants. Skinny pants have pockets, even if they are faux. Leggings are knit and thin. They are meant as a layering piece. Therefore they need to be paired with a tunic or some combination of a tunic and another layer. Because you know what is really offensive? Seeing someone’s crotch shrink wrapped in knit. It’s not a good look. This can be rectified. Behold my favorite layering piece. The Mossimo layering tank from my beloved Target.  And it’s cheap. Like under $12 cheap, $9 when they are having a sale.


This is one of those tanks that most people pass over in the store because they have no idea why someone would make a tank top that looks like a mini dress. But I urge you to stockpile these babies. They are the best. They are bra friendly, lightweight and runs to the bottom of the hip.   The fabric is smooth (no ribbing)  with a slight stretch and super soft because of its modal and poly blend.

They can be worn long…

Women's Layering Tank - Oatmeal Heather:


Or tucked half in or out (sultry model expression optional)…

Women's Layering Tank - Blue Violet:


Want to take the focus off of your hips? Buy the black and pair back to black leggings, creating a solid monochromatic layering base. This will help to even out your top half to your bottom half and make you look long and lean.


Got straight hips and no waist? Pair black leggings back to a white tank and something shorter on the top. The white band of the tank will highlight your hips and create contrast when paired with a darker layer that stops at your waist. The result is creates flattering curves.

Black Leggins, Simple Long White Tee, Navy Jacket:

Now you can wear your comfy leggings and cozy tunics with confidence, knowing your lady bits will remain sheathed under a tank.

Can’t get to Target? Or maybe you want to go and are afraid you will go in for a $9 tank and emerge 2 hours later with a cart full of randoms from those cheap little bins at the entrance and a bill for over $100? I totally get it, so you can just click this link and order online…Target tanks.


*Insider Tip – Watch the sizing.

These tanks are made by the Mossimo brand in Target, which essentially is part of their juniors brand. I think they run a bit like junior sizing as well so my advice is to size up. I usually wear a size small on top but in this tank I like a medium. I gain a little bit of extra length and it doesn’t feel skin-tight. Plus I can throw it in the washer AND in the dryer. Super easy care.

Now if you excuse me I am off to rethink these bathroom dispensers…

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