The Summer Must Have Item Is…

You may have heard the saying that history has a tendency of repeating itself. For example;

There was Brigitte Bardot in the 60s…

birdiget bardott cold shoulder top - Google Search:

 then Cheryl Ladd 1970s,

1970s off the shoulder top celebrity - Google Search

followed by Flashdance for the 80s,

Off-shoulder sweatshirts and t shirts were found on almost every woman in the 1980's. The neckline would be cut out in order to get the off-the-shoulder look. Women would often cut the cuffs and hems off as well in order to get a rolled up look.:

then Kelly Kapowski, resident cutie on Saved By The Bell brought us into the 90s.

10 Things You Didn't Know About “Saved By The Bell”:

Oh and we can’t forget 1993, in what was considered somewhat of a fashion dustup at the time, Hillary Clinton wore Donna Karan for her very first state dinner as The First Lady.

hillary clinton cold shoulder top - Google Search: .

Yes, they are only shoulders but here’s the catch…they are sexy. Why? I think because we don’t usually focus on them. Another thing? pretty much everyone likes their shoulders, they may be squared or softened, but no one is getting plastic surgery on them or complaining that their shirt makes their shoulders look fat. So as much as this trend may come and go, I think it always deserves at least one spot in your closet.

Take a look at how easily this look can go from cute to caliente…

(all pics via Pinterest)

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top Streetstyle by BCN Fashionista: Off the shoulder top:

White Lace Off Shoulder Top with Skinny Jeans | Su...: I like the floral off the shoulder top. It is cute and different for summer and can be easily used for my vacation!:

High waisted pencil skirt and off the shoulder top: Stylish as ever: Caroline Flack stepped out looking stunning in skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top on Monday in London, before revealing her joy about the new X Factor line-up on Tuesday morning:

Off-the-shoulder tops are the perfect option for flawless date night style.: Repin Via: The First Mess:

Are you thinking this look is only cute on your kid’s babysitter or Taylor Swift? I think 81-year-old Dorrie Jacobson, of Senior Style Bible, can prove you wrong.

Ready to give this look a try? Here are my top picks.

Anthro lace top
bw off the shoulder




And what if all this shoulder talk makes you shudder? Maybe you have a fear of the whole thing just slip-sliding away right off of your body? I get it. You can still bare a little with some extra support.

skinny strap cold shoulder

Okay so maybe I have you thinking about trying one but the thought of putting on a strapless bra is giving you cause for pause. Don’t give up! Here are some bra friendly solutions so you and your favorite bra can continue your loving long-term relationship.

Bra friendly cold shoulder tops

So are you a Belieber?? (Shameless reference to my love of Justin Beiber pop songs.) I hope you give this trend a try. You don’t have to spend a lot on it to get a little more edge for summer. And for all of you that swear that you have “the worst arms ever” these cold shoulder shirts with sleeves are your perfect hot weather solution. In the meantime I will be daydreaming that I am this mystery woman…all I need is to miraculously go down a few cup sizes , update my passport, a haircut and  new color, oh and a plane ticket to Australia. Throw in some coordination so I don’t spill God knows what on myself, and I can walk around in white without a care in the world. It’s good to dream.

Street style at Fashion Week Cruise 2017 Sydney:

*Insider Tip – Play With Proportion.

The whole off the shoulder look is about an innocent sort of sexy. This is not music video sexy. This is subtle sexy. None of these tops is meant to show off abs of steel. But you also don’t want anyone wondering if you are expecting an addition to your family. The key is to keep opposites in balance while matching up fabric choices. Delicate off the shoulder in thick fabric? Pair back to a lightweight trouser pant or feminine skirt.

Off-the-Shoulder Top:


Thicker cotton cinched top? Ripped rugged jeans are perfect.

Cold shoulder done right:

Super girly cutesy print? Toughen it up with a cargo pant or something in leather.


off shoulder peasant blouse with skirt:

And remember, if anyone even hints at the suggestion that you are too old to wear this timeless style, just give them the cold shoulder. (Yes, pun intended, I couldn’t resist!)

Helen Mirren attends The Moet British Independent Film Awards at Old Billingsgate Market:


Thanks for reading!

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