Under $100 – Jacket and Shoe Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am a huge believer in shopping local and supporting small businesses. That being said I don’t believe on hating on all of the big stores. They employee people too and it doesn’t make them evil just because they are big. However, some department type stores are better than others, and in my opinion Nordstrom is the best. They have the best selection, the best sale prices, and the best customer service. I have worked closely with their personal shoppers and they have been a tremendous help both to me and my clients. Their Anniversary Sale is one of the best in the biz, even though shopping for fall when it is 90 degrees out seems crazy, you will be crazy upset if you miss out of huge savings. In fact, the more expensive the item, typically the deeper the discount, but for this post I’m going to be like Sia and love “cheap thrills.” Everything I am posting is under $100. I literally spent hours online researching the early access price preview and here are my pics that I think apply to all ages and all styles. Want something more specific and tailored for  your personal needs? Contact me to chat and I can send you a personalized shopping list so you will be sure to be shopping smart.

When you think of fall clothing two things come to mind – jackets and shoes. They are the biggest things we need to change in order to adapt to the cooler weather. And with how kooky our weather has been, and how accurate (cough – cough), our weather forecasters have been, you really need several different types. As far as jackets,  a cargo style anorak gets you through chilly breezes and rainy days while a leather style hooks you up with that effortlessly cool look. When the temperatures drop you’ll be happy you have something cozy and fun.


Fall 2016 Jackets



As for treats for our feet, I feel like flats are a good transition out of summer flip-flops. Something a little funky will do the trick to finish off an outfit that feels too plain. Ankle boots are still relevant and they are the perfect complement to a cuffed or rolled pair of denim. And also sneakers, because, lets face it, our feet hurt. Sneakers are helpful, not hurtful, provided they are not bright white and clunky. A black pair looks cute with leggings and a long cashmere tunic sweater, perfect for running errands on the weekend. If that feels too sporty opt for a low profile neutral shade that works with jeans and t-shirts and still gives you the power to push through the grocery store or a casual get together.


Fall shoes 2016


What should you wear with your new jackets and shoes?  Come pack tomorrow when I post my clothing picks for the sale!

*Insider Tip – Be an insider.

You can look but you can’t touch, not until July 22, UNLESS you are a Nordstrom credit card or debit card holder. Owning one of these cards means you get early access to shop right now,  before everyone else, and trust me, these good buys do sell out!



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