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Here’s your go-to guide

Almost after every  client visit I recommend investing in good hangers to take care of your clothes. Having matching hangers is visual serenity and makes your closet feel like your own personal boutique, however, there is not a one type fits all solution if you really want to take care of your clothes. Below is a bit of a primer and why I like to have a combination for my clothes.

Wooden Hangers

  • Pros – Sturdy and strong these are built to last with a classic and clean good look to them. Have a swivel S-hook (that metal thing on the the top that makes it easier to have all your clothing facing the same direction). The notches help with any slippery items. They make your closet feel like you are shopping in a boutique.
  • Cons –  Bulky, they will take up a lot of room in your closet.
  • Price – Not cheap, Pricey (think between $1.50 -$2 per hanger)
  • Where To Buy –  Home Depot,  Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and online wholesalers. I use these in my closet but I had to do it in phases due to the cost.

The Slim Line Hanger

Honey-Can-Do 20-Pack Velvet Touch Suit/Dress Hangers
  • Pros – Visually appealing, these are the modern look for today’s closet. The velvety finish assures your tops won’t fall off. Now available in pretty much every shade, although I think black is best because you can always add to it and know it will match. The slim feature means you can pack a lot into a space (this could be a good or bad thing…)
  • Cons – Not super strong or good for heavy items, they do break. Not all are made with a swivel S-hook. Works best on strappy or sleeveless items. If you want to watch a grown man have a temper tantrum than try watching him try and get his golf shirt off of one of these suckers. It’s not user friendly.
  • Price – Affordable (I saw packs of 50 for as low as $22) But make sure to compare prices as there is a huge rage. Remember you pay for what you get so buy the best quality you can afford.
  • Where to Buy – QVC, Costco, HSN, Homegoods, etc. They are starting to be everywhere.

Padded Hanger

  •  Pros – You don’t need to have a lot of these but they are great for hanging lightweight sweaters that would otherwise get wrinkled when folded. SEE CHART BELOW
  • Cons – Not many except that they cost more and take up twice the room as a slim hanger. Stay away from the silky ones because they are slippery.
  • Price – Roughly $2 a hanger.
  • Where to Buy – Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Plastic/Tube Hangers

 Pros – They will do the job just fine, look for the notched version. Available in pretty much every color. Perfect for a college dorm or the kids room where you know they will not be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

Cons – I know it is horrible but they are ugly. Obviously no swivel S-hook action. They can sometimes leave those wretched bumps in the shoulders of some of your shirts. And it can drive you crazy when something keeps slipping off or pants slide over.

Price – At an average of about .30 a hanger you this is an easy switch. I use these in the small size for our kids.  I hang their clothes right out of the dryer and the kids can put them away themselves.

Where to Buy – The Dollar Store, Big Lots, mass discounters.

Wire Hangers

My consulting style is very laid back in the sense that I am not there as a dictator but more of a guide to help you find your own style. But when it comes to wire hangers I am ruthless, so I am not going into cost or where to buy because just don’t.

They ruin your clothes by putting protruding dents in the fabric of the your shirts in the shoulders which can quickly give you the Lady GaGa look.

 They are cheap. They are weak. They tangle together like a cruel game of barrel of monkeys that you just can’t win.  The drycleaners use them as a means for us to take our clothes home, not to store them on. Leave some empty nice hangers right in your coat closet so that you can take off the crappy wire ones as soon as you get home from the drycleaners.  Don’t forget it is especially important to take your clothes out of the chemical filled drycleaner bags and let them breathe.  Put a bin at the bottom of your coat closet for the discarded wire hangers so you can take  them back to the drycleaners for recycling.


1. When I pick up sweaters that have been drycleaned and folded over the rounded bar style. Then I leave them like that until I am ready to wear them or store them away folded.

2. Men’s dress shirts, provided they are in constant rotation. So if the tux shirt comes home after a party and is only worn about once a year then I transfer it to a wood hanger. But if we are talking about dress shirts that are in constant rotation between the drycleaner and being worn than I leave them there knowing they are only on those for a short amount of time. Same thing for dress pants that are in constant use.

So are you ready to get started??

Make the best of it by pouring a very large cup of coffee (or wine!), put on your favorite movie or music, and set forth in transforming your space, which can be completed in about 1 hour. Chances are after you start you will be motivated to clean out anyway.

  • Buy the best quality you can can afford, even if it means not being able to do the whole closet right away.   Buying from a bulk distributor or online wholesaler will help to keep the cost down.  
  • Start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take things out in small groups, not the whole shebang or you will be faced with an overwhelming tsunami of clothes. If needed you can even break it into a section each night.
  • This makes a fabulous gift. Even more so if you share the closet and you get to reap the benefits.

You know that person that you never know what to buy for them? Buy them hangers. Such a nice splurge and they will think of you every day.  I know it sounds silly but wouldn’t you love it? This is an especially good guy gift. You would be surprised how many men really appreciate it when their closet feels put together. I eventually did my husbands closet in all wood hangers and they are perfect for his hang-to-dry golf shirts. Want to go an extra step further? Hire me and I will get you the hangers and have the items transferred to their new matching homes in about an hour.

My picks for the best hangers…

I’ve put together an online catalogue you can shop from. You’ll also see some other of my favorite storage solutions and my go-to chrome hangers for pants.


Looking to put some new items into your closet?

Here is the link to my picks for fall essentials (all under $100!!) from the Nordstrom Sale.

Thanks for reading!


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