Help – I’m Drowning!

“Women can have it all!” Who said that? And can I punch that person? What if we don’t want it all? What if we just want a little bit?  I don’t need it all. I’m not good at all of it. Sometimes I want all of it to go away.   Some days I don’t knowContinue reading “Help – I’m Drowning!”

Spring Break – On the plane…What to wear

This morning I received a text from a friend asking what exactly is she supposed to wear when she’s flying out of somewhere cold but landing somewhere very warm. I threw aside my jealousy of her warm weather get away and told her not to worry.  Just this week I helped a client get 1 entireContinue reading “Spring Break – On the plane…What to wear”

For The Love Of Ice

It’s cold, so cold that you feel like you smell it, or even taste it in the air. Your bones feel frigid and brittle. The sounds are loud and clear; blades on the ice, sticks tapping and pucks thumping. The kids are covered from head to toe, helmet to tightly laced skates. The parents areContinue reading “For The Love Of Ice”

Pack it up, Pack it in!

How many of you are launching into House of Pain’s Jump Around song after reading that title? While the song got on my nerves in my 20s after the 50th or so drunk dude was bouncing up and down spilling his beer all over the bar, I have to admit that now I kinda likeContinue reading “Pack it up, Pack it in!”

The 15 Best Insider Tips of 2015

  In a few days we will be starting a new year. I love January because it represents a fresh start. We get the opportunity to mentally have a clean slate. Physically, in our surroundings, we start the year by taking down all of the holiday decorations, symbolizing a simplification of sorts. As we are puttingContinue reading “The 15 Best Insider Tips of 2015”

So we bought a house…

My home was running like a well oiled machine. If I were to get up in the middle of the night I could find most anything I need in complete darkness. Whether it is children’s cough syrup, or the exact location of my softest T-shirt, everything is in its place. I know what time the daylight willContinue reading “So we bought a house…”

No Sleep Till Christmas

This is a re-post from last December, unfortunately I have not yet learned my lesson and I will again be up 24/7 trying to make the Christmas deadline…. A Christmas (W)Rap Anyone else completely overwhelmed by the holidays? I wrote a little motivation rap, just read it to  the tune of The Beastie Boys No SleepContinue reading “No Sleep Till Christmas”

Field Trip Fashion Fail

School field trips are on my do not do list but apparently I forgot to check my own list. After a horrendous first go around,(for the full details on my previous trip click here ), I lost my sanity and decided to give it another go. Not unlike the experience of childbirth our brains tend toContinue reading “Field Trip Fashion Fail”