Scorched Earth

Every wanted to take a lighter to you entire closet? I got you. I’ve been there. I am there.

Out with the old? Not so fast.

Is everyone else still recovering from the holidays? I know I am very slowly getting back into a normal routine. My birthday always falls in between Christmas and New Years. I don’t like that because I am usually exhausted by all of the holiday craziness. This year my family went out of their way toContinue reading “Out with the old? Not so fast.”

Give Your Fashion A Facelift.

It’s a common scenario. You go to put something on from your closet, only to look in the mirror, know something is wrong, and you take it off. Two things then happen. It either gets banished to the dark unworn corners of your closet, or, you end up giving it away. Either way it feelsContinue reading “Give Your Fashion A Facelift.”