Give Your Fashion A Facelift.

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It’s a common scenario. You go to put something on from your closet, only to look in the mirror, know something is wrong, and you take it off. Two things then happen. It either gets banished to the dark unworn corners of your closet, or, you end up giving it away. Either way it feels like a waste of money and you are left feeling frustrated. Next time, before you send an item into unworn exile, try to look at it a little differently.

Want to find out some ways to turn an old item into a new one? Head on over to Boutique Buzzz, where I am featured as this weeks guest stylist.   Boutique Buzzz is a locally based website that puts all the Buzzz about local Boutiques and small businesses into one spot. Make sure to sign up to like them on Facebook, this way you will never miss a notification on a local sale. Click on this link here: Boutique Buzzz on Facebook. 

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