I took my wine butt to the Polo Cup.

    If you backtrack to you how you met your best friend, or how you got your current job, chances are there were a series of right place right time events that occurred to make it all happen. A couple of years ago I was sitting in the chair at the dentist, (not my favoriteContinue reading “I took my wine butt to the Polo Cup.”

Caped Crusader – How to Wear a Cape

Capes are cool.  But they are one of those items you always see on someone else and think, “I could never pull that off.”  Not true. I’m here to prove you wrong. I recently scooped up a color-blocked camel and black cape on sale at Ann Taylor for 50% off of $89.99. For $45 IContinue reading “Caped Crusader – How to Wear a Cape”

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