Caped Crusader – How to Wear a Cape

Capes are cool. 

But they are one of those items you always see on someone else and think, “I could never pull that off.”  Not true. I’m here to prove you wrong.

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I recently scooped up a color-blocked camel and black cape on sale at Ann Taylor for 50% off of $89.99. For $45 I think it is the ideal piece to throw on when I want to feel pulled together quickly. On the days when I am running errands and in and out the car I hate being in a bulky jacket. This cape is my new go-to.  Here is how the cape can go from work to weekend.

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The pearl necklace and classic pumps keep things simple and polished for a business meeting. The outfit looks just as good with or without the cape, giving you flexibility with your outfit. Can you imagine how powerful you would feel striding into a conference room with the cape on? You can almost hear people calling you CEO, or maybe a word that rhymes with witch behind your back.

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Faux leather leggings, over the knee suede boots, and the black No Belly Show shirt make for a sleek base. This a look I’d wear out to dinner with girlfriends, keeping the cape on and wearing it more like a tunic as opposed to a jacket that comes off. This is one of those situations where someone says “Can I take your jacket?”, and you say “No, thank you, it’s so cute I’ll be keeping it on.”

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This will be an easy weekend staple. Comfy jeans, my favorite white oxford, a crew neck sweater for extra warmth and I am good to go. If it ever warms up around here I can throw on my leopard driving mocs or a simple ballet flat instead of a boot. I could also ditch the extra sweater and wear just the oxford or even a plain white long sleeve t-shirt. The key is to keep the basic layer simple but substantial. A light gauzy silk blouse just won’t look as sleek underneath.

Tips to buying a cape?

Keep it simple. Look for a classic color or a pattern. This item may be pushed as a trend at times but really it is timeless. So go with something you won’t get sick of, in a color that is versatile.

Consider the weight. Not too thick, not too thin. You want the shape to be heavy enough to keep its shape, but no so heavy that it becomes bulky and unmanageable.

Armholes. Does it have adequate space? No one wants to feel stuck in the cape, that takes away the whole glamorous looking thing you are going for. Or worse if there isn’t a range of motion you risk looking like a T-Rex, stuck with too small arms and no reach ability. Not cute.

Length. Don’t forget your body shape. You still want to highlight your positives and downplay your not so positives. If you feel you are hippy that pick a shorter cape style. Carrying your weight at your middle? Then go for the hip length upper thigh hemlines to draw the eye down. If you have an hourglass shape keep an eye out for one that can tie at the waistline so you don’t get swallowed up by the cape.

*Insider Tip – This is THE time to buy outerwear. 

You may be totally sick of winter. I know I am. But don’t ignore the amazing sales out right now. Even though it is cold stores are still on schedule to receive their spring inventory, which means they need to make room. So it all goes on sale. Jackets and coats especially get price slashed. They are big and bulky and the stores do not have room for them on their shelves. Now is the perfect time to do a closet audit. During a closet audit we take inventory of your stock and see what you may need. Think of it like looking through your pantry before you go to the grocery store. You make a list of everything you are running low on or out of. Use the same mentality with your wardrobe. Need help? Call me in to go through your closet and we will come up with a list of wants and needs. Then you can hit the sales!

Need more inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest board Classic Capes.

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