Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks – End of Year 2017

Didn’t get what you want for Christmas? Don’t get made, get shopping. Best bets for the deepest discounts?  Here’s the best categories to shop. Cashmere – It may sound boring but make sure you have the basics covered – black, camel, navy, cream – these are the foundation pieces that will act as building blocksContinue reading “Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks – End of Year 2017”

Your Closet Called…it asked for Fall!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days because it is the annual Girls Shopping Day in Kennett Square, PA.  You can get everything you need for fall, literally from head to toe at Ashely Austin, Chantilly Blue, Houpette and No.109. Oh and want some help from a personal shopper and stylist? Come find me! I’llContinue reading “Your Closet Called…it asked for Fall!”

A Midsummer Night’s Bad Dream

Have you ever made a decision you were 100% positive about? One that you knew without hesitation was the correct choice? I’m not talking about choosing not to rob a bank over robbing a bank, or choosing the fastest checkout lane at the grocery store. I’m talking about something that was hard, something that wasContinue reading “A Midsummer Night’s Bad Dream”

A Maximum Look For a Minimum Price

It’s August, I’m hot, I’m sick of my summer clothes and my legs are covered in bug bites from lots of fun nights outside. My secret weapon for this tough time of transition? The Maxi Dress. I could write an entire romance novel devoted to this particular fashion staple. When my mind doesn’t want toContinue reading “A Maximum Look For a Minimum Price”

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My $100 and Under Picks

Want to take advantage of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale but stuck on what to buy? Check out my picks, all priced at $100 or less!

Defining Your Style – How to curate a closet full of clothes you love in 4 easy steps.

There is a man who works at our local convenience store who some may label as a bit of an odd duck. Despite whatever song is being played on the speakers of the in store radio, he can often be found humming or even quietly singing a different song altogether. Talk about marching to theContinue reading “Defining Your Style – How to curate a closet full of clothes you love in 4 easy steps.”

Think Spring! J.Crew Factory Sale…My Picks

Remember how excited you were as a kid to find out what was in your Easter basket? While now that you are a grown-up you can create your own basket. And why not fill it with goodies from J.Crew Factory’s 50% sale. And you can get an additional 20% off clearance items!!! Here’s the codeContinue reading “Think Spring! J.Crew Factory Sale…My Picks”