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It’s August, I’m hot, I’m sick of my summer clothes and my legs are covered in bug bites from lots of fun nights outside. My secret weapon for this tough time of transition? The Maxi Dress. I could write an entire romance novel devoted to this particular fashion staple. When my mind doesn’t want to put together a complete outfit the maxi dress is a one and done deal. If I’m feeling like I would rather be home in my pajamas than out at a party the maxi dress will play nice with a little jewelry and funky heels and get the job done. Going on a road trip? Throw on a maxi and flip flops for a comfy ride and no sticking to the hot seats. No time to shave your legs and you want to avoid people wandering if you have taken your devotion to Whole Foods just a little too far? The maxi dress will help you out.  My favorite style is cut a little bit looser and with skinny straps. I love this style not just because I can eat in it, but also because I actually think there is something very subtle but still sexy and chic about being a little bit covered up while still showing flashes of skin like beautiful shoulders or an open back. I actually love my own collarbones much better than my knees so I feel super happy in this style.

The Field Day Navy Blue Print Maxi Dress from Lulus.com is perfect for a summer weekend look.

Blogger Karla Deras in the Shareen Bridal

50 Shades Of Style ~ Grey Maxi + White Converse - Style Estate - http://blog.styleestate.com/style-estate-blog/50-shades-of-style.html

ASOS Satin Split Front Maxi Slip

The best part is the maxi dress is the perfect companion to falls transitioning weather patterns. I absolutely love the look of throwing on a denim jacket and cute ankle boots for an insta outfit. If you are super excited for fall you can even swap the denim jacket for a lightweight leather or suede. It’s also fabulous with an amazing scarf. There is nothing better than being cozy and comfy.

Blogger The Fashion Guitar wears a bright yellow maxi dress, matching bag, and denim jacket

a casual long black dress and denim jacket on Amanda Kerr

I actually have a mustard maxi, leopard scarf, a leather jacket & black belt. Idk why I haven't those of putting these items together.

Rachel Zoe in a flowy printed maxi dress with LEATHER BLAZER...now if that's not a great example of contrast, I don't know what is.

Feeling too big and baggy? Look for a jacket in a more shrunken and cropped style, so that the bottom falls at the skinniest part of your torso to give you back your shape.

maxi - so cute!

As much as I love black I also love bold jewel tones. I think they are so striking.

Sensual Backless Dresses For 2015 (1)

bright blue maxi dressJ. Crew silk maxi dress in cobalt blue. #JCrew

Want to try the look without breaking the bank? In the midst of the misery known as back to school shopping with my kids I found these beauties on the sale rack.

Women's Matte-Crepe Maxi Dresses | Old NavyWomens Matte-Crepe Maxi Dresses

The best part? Old Navy was having a promotion of 40% of their sale priced merchandise, which made the cost of this dress LESS THAN $7!!! You cannot beat that! While their extra promo sale has passed, they do still have this dress available online for $19.99, with a current offer of an additional 25% off. If you don’t see your exact size online you may want to try your luck in the store as there were many left when I was there.  Fair warning, you may have to DIG through the sales racks as they are not known as the most organized area of the store. Make sure not just to check in your size but all the sizes as they are frequently mixed up. I nabbed the orange color and I have already worn it twice since Sunday, and you can bet you will see me with it on in the fall. I’m thinking gray short suede booties back to my favorite denim jacket and major funky earrings. And I may even use it again for a fall wedding. I love the creation of making a wardrobe item do double duty and this dress  totally works it!

*Insider Tip – Undergarment 411.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

I really wish I could pull of that whole look of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface but mother nature had other plans for me. I went through a love/hate relationship with anything that had spaghetti style straps because I could not find a strapless bra to be friends with. Then I found the Stunning Support style from Soma. Hallelujah! This bra lifts up and separates, without giving you that “My cups runneth over” look that just doesn’t work in a slip dress style, and the sides are wide and supportive, with a no slip band. Unfortunately this means that I have to Know my limits and steer clear of the low open back style dresses. If you don’t need all the support up top but you’d like to avoid letting everyone around you knowing when it becomes cold, try these cover ups from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. As for the bottom half you want smooth and seamless, with a vanishing edge. These microfiber boy shorts will do the trick.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!


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