Do you have nothing to wear….

but find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes you are sick of looking at?

Maybe nothing fits…

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or you just feel overwhelmed….

This is me trying to pick out paint for our family room - there were 23 samples on the wall - that is 20 too many. I was OVERWHELMED.

Couple these problems with the average woman’s pms and it is the perfect storm.  We can become highly likely to stab someone with our empty hangers after throwing the offending clothes on the floor.

no i dont have pms
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There is help! I am offering mini consults. These can be done in just 1 hour. This is perfect if you don’t have the time, budget, or stamina for the full 3 hour session but you just need a kick-start. Consider it a minute clinic for whatever your closet issue may be. Sometimes it just helps to go through and get started on a clean out. Or maybe you have cleaned out but now are stumped as to what to put together to make outfits. For more information please go to my Services Offered heading at the top of the page. Together we can face whatever it is head on.

Because going out without pants on just isn’t an option at our age.

*Insider Tip –Mini sessions can be purchased as gift certificates and make fabulous mother’s day or birthday gifts. If you have been married at least 5 years you are aware that the fantasy of your significant other dreaming up the perfect gift is just that – a fantasy. If you have been married at least 10 you have gotten over that fantasy and faced the reality –  you  have to literally spell out (with directions, links, printouts, pictures) exactly what it is that you want. This way everybody is happy. Remember “if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.”

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