I need to vent…

I really do hate it when fashion type people get all preachy about “wear this, not that”, “this is in, this is out.” I think it is far more interesting when everyone looks different in a room rather than clones of what some magazines told them to wear. However, it may be time for a citizen’s arrest on the slutty stripper shoes. Enough is enough. It was so fun and surprisingly more comfortable when platform pumps started to make their way into the mainstream. It was nice not to have cram my feet into the over exaggerated pointed toe that was starting to almost become sharp on the end. But now things have gone too far the opposite.

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You know that certain store that we all go in for paper towels and socks and leave hours later confused by how that cost us upwards of $200 and our trunks are mysteriously full?  I personally think there is something added to their in-house Starbucks that just makes us stay and spend money. So here is what I saw today in the shoe aisle…

Oh hell no.
Perfect for picking up the kids from school.

Listen, again, I really, truly am all for expressing individuality. But I am baffled but the recent trend of these super platforms. What is it that one is trying to express?? And where, seriously, where are you wearing these out to? I realize Snooki wears them on the boardwalk but what about the rest of us? The sad part is I have noticed younger and younger girls wearing shoes like this out with their friends to bars and parties. So maybe I am just old but I don’t get it. I have yet to see one girl actually walk in these monsters without looking like a giraffe trying to tip toe across quick sand.

Even Lady Gaga stumbles in her McQueen’s
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 The Fashion Police on the E channel actually have a segment called “Starlet or Streetwalker” where they cover up the person’s head and you have to guess just by looking at the outfit and the shoes it if a celebrity or an “escort.” Even the hosts usually guess incorrectly.

This answer should be pretty obvious…. image via modelmayhem.com

I would like to start a plea to getting back to wearing beautiful shoes. A great place to start is Ashley Austin in Kennett Square PA. A great time to start would be this Thursday, April 12, from 5-9.  Ashley Austin and Chantilly Blue (owner is THE denim whisperer Lisa – mentioned here in a previous post) are hosting a most fabulous Girls Night Out. Ashley Austin is an amazing boutique with fabulous shoes, accessories and jewelry. They have the nicest staff ever and a wide range of prices and styles to suit every taste and budget. Unless you are a stripper in need of some shoes. In which case these are on clearance for $10.49!  But hurry! There is only one pair left…which makes me scared to think they sold out of the rest.

*Insider Tip –Support your local stores! I can’t stress enough how important this is. They need us and we need them. You may sometimes think you are getting a better deal at a larger retailer but you will not get the service or the quality available from a smaller shop. Here in Kennett Square we have some of the nicest merchants ever with an amazing array of inventory that rivals, or, in my opinion, is even better than what you find at the mall.  The staff at our local retailers are helpful and knowledgable about the products they sell. I  see a lot of fantastic bumper stickers for “Buy Fresh Buy Local” supporting our smaller farmers. I want to see us supporting our local retailers as well.  Shop Quality and Service. Shop Local.

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  1. I was just at that certain store last evening and feel the same way about the shoes.I was further dismayed by the lack of appropriate work clothing at another discount clothing leader- everything was slinky, bedazzled, satin, or just plain wrong. Whatever happened to the cute, classic, sophisticated clothing?

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