The Right to Vote

Some things are just gross. Our son watches the NHL (National Hockey League) network 24/7. Hockey is still on lockout but he doesn’t care, all he wants to do watch and play hockey. This should be an improvement over Sponge Bob and his band of idiots but there seems to be only 3 commercials ever played on the NHL network. One of which is for the removal of Skin Tags.

buy tag away
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Yes, you read that right. And if you are like me you probably just threw up in your mouth a little. So. Freakin’. Gross. And because our son watches this channel ALL THE TIME the commercial inevitably comes on during meal time. Yummy. It’s so not right. They show and discuss everything.

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But guess what? It is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Gross, demented, gag-inducing speech, that this company is free to pay for air time for. Yuck. I am truly sorry but I needed others to feel my disgust. I can’t eat for a while now.

Oh my gosh, he is NOT watching the NHL network!!

On a brighter, skin-tag free note, our freedoms we have in our country are not gross. In honor of election night I wanted to point out one of our (fashion) rights that we as woman are so lucky to have…



simple & pretty



slouchy sequins & denim

gorgeous dress

amazing color

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In all seriousness we need to consider that there are places on this earth where woman are NOT allowed to have their bare arms shown. Now my arms do not look like any of those in the pictures above but you can bet I will let my batwing arm fat fly proudly in the wind because I HAVE THE RIGHT TO. And, quite frankly, it is more important at my age to feel the sun on my limbs than worry about how in or out of shape they are.

*Insider Tip – Fashion is your own biggest form of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Don’t let it sit silent. If you are struggling with what it is you want your look to say then let’s make a date! I can help you to discover how to make the outside you match what is inside of you. We are in a world where for better or for worse our appearance speaks volumes for us even when we don’t say a word. Make the most of your non-verbal statement and EXPRESS YOURSELF, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Even if this is what you want to say I still support your freedom….maybe not agree with all them, but I will definitely support your freedom of choice.

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