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Roses are Red…

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I am a gift slut. I love getting any kind of present.  It could be a pencil and I am still thrilled. The one exception?  Roses on Valentine’s Day. Do you like Valentine’s Day? I know I sound like a total cynic, but I am not a fan of the clichéd gifts that go along with the holiday.

Now there’s an idea…
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A love holiday feels so forced. I don’t want a day for someone to tell me that they love me.  Is it too much to want to hear it every day? (Oh if only my dog could talk – he would definitely tell me!) And the flowers, although pretty, they die.  And I die when I think my husband had to cough up big bucks for red roses all because of the date on the calendar. I am much more thrilled when my husband surprises with me with flowers (maybe sunflowers or peonies…hint hint) on a completely random day of the year.   And the best? When our son picks me a flower from the yard. Even if it is a weed I am grateful that I am still the apple of my 6 year old’s eye.

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By the way when I searched for a pretty picture of a dandelion I found this, um…sculpture.

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Are you as equally disturbed and frightened as I am? Good, I didn’t want to be the only one now scared of a dandelion.

If you are looking to hint to your significant other for a more unusual gift this year why not suggest the gift a clean closet?  With the mini session you get one hour in your home, with two different options available. Option 1 is we can clean up and clean out.  Get rid of the clutter and reorganize in a way that is maximizes your space.  Option 2 is where we shop from your own closet.  I can show you how to rethink what you already own by putting different combinations together.  All for less than a cost of a dozen roses. And your clean closet and new outfits will be here to stay.

*Insider Tip – Even better yet? Surprise a different Valentine (mother, sister, best friend) with this a gift. This is a wonderful way to show those other significant people in our lives to show them we are thinking of them too. Plus it will be a nice rebound gift for the friend you know who has been killing herself on the treadmill since January,  only to have her husband buy her a box of chocolates she will be tortured by.  Thanks babe.

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Sorry for the short post. I am a little behind in my posting schedule.  My husband and I are fighting off a losing battle to whatever our kids keep bringing home from school. I have had so much tea to drink I am afraid I am going to start talking like Madonna with a faux British accent. Be sure to check back on Monday where I will have a new post, PLUS a link to a guest blog post that I am so excited to share with you.

As always thanks so much for reading!


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