It’s all fun and games until someone loses a gallbladder.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a gallbladder.

Do you know what your gallbladder does? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. I was hit with what can only be described as labor type contraction pains in my upper abdomen and ended up in the ER.  For whatever reason my gallbladder has gone kaput so it’s coming out on Tuesday. I feel fortunate there is nothing more serious wrong but none the less I am not looking forward to be being down and out for a few days. In the interim I have a hodge podge of updates from this past week.

#1. Shop Till You Drop

Shopaholics is an annual event at The Princeton Bar and The Whitebrier Restuarant in Avalon New Jersey. It’s the Olympics of shopping and trust me when I tell you I have trained for this all year. With over 30 vendors offering merchandise at 70% off this is a fantasy come to life for me. I was, however, on my best behavior and kept my purchases focused. After a couple of glasses of wine it is easy enough to convince yourself, and everyone around you, that you need to purchase 10 pairs of shoes.  I did buy the perfect pair of warm weather wedges ( perfect for our upcoming trip to Florida) by Toms.


Who knew they made these cute heels?? They were $30  and they will match 75% of my spring and summer wardrobe. My red Toms flats were my saving grace during last year’s field trip fiasco.

My good friend Erin, who was brave enough to shop the chaos with me.IMG_2330

IMG_2325 IMG_2327 IMG_2328

#2. Leopard Love

When it is the Olympics of shopping you need to show up in a competitive uniform. The sock bun is the perfect cute updo to keep my hair out of my face so I can stay focused. Comfy shoes and a hands free bag? Check and check courtesy of a Friday trip to Ashley Austin’s in Kennett Square.  Ashley and Lauren helped me pick out this perfect studded chain handbag (which easily coverts to a clutch with a quick detach of the chain!) and these to die for loafers. Navy leopard whaaaaat??? These are so cute for spring with denim skinnies . Perfect for navigating the major sales of shopaholics!

IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476

#3. CAbi Fever

Some of you may know that I also work as a show assistant to Patty Quercetti, a consultant for the CAbi line of clothing. If you have never attended a show you are missing out. If you host a show Patty brings the collection right into your own home where I help her to set up and have a mini fashion show. You can eat, drink and shop with your girlfriends. So fun! I worked a show with Patty last week and below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer collection.

*Insider Tip –

I know it feels early but start your spring and summer shopping NOW. The fashion industry calendar does not work like our calendar. Stores get some of the best of the warm weather collection now through March. Take the time now to go through last year’s summer clothing. Edit out any outdated t-shirts, especially the whites. If you are like me I put them away just fine and when I bring them back out it looks like a cat has urinated in the underarms. I don’t have a cat and I do wear antiperspirant so I don’t know what happens. Also take out anything that may need alterations if your size has changed and march over to a tailor. And of course take out anything you know you don’t like or just won’t wear anymore. Consignment stores are already accepting spring and summer inventory. Make sure to take a note of what you are discarding and make a list of any new pieces you may need. It will help you to keep a focused shopping list that you can get started on ASAP.   I cannot wait until warmer weather and I am obsessed with this perfect outfit below.

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Until next time,

Suzie, and my gallbladder.

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