Au Revoir

One of the best things about my job is spending time with my clients. Yes, I realize how fake that sounds, but it is true. One of the worst parts? If I meet the goals of the client, eventually they won’t need me anymore.

Whether it is a closet clean out, or a styling session, I like to spew out a whole bunch of “Insider Tips” while we work. With a recent client the goal was to update her look, so that she could feel more put together, both at work and when she was on mom time. One of the biggest ways to feel put together quickly is accessories. This client had an amazing array of jewelry and belts, but they were all tucked away in her drawers inside of the boxes she brought them home in.  I adore the cute little boxes that jewelry comes in when we first buy it. But trust me on this. Throw it away. You will never again need that box, unless you are planning on regifting an item, (I’m not judging).   I suggested she would be more apt to wear her accessories if she could see them. Her closet space had beautiful built-ins, but it left little room for displaying the bulk of her jewelry collection.  I felt like a proud momma when I went back for our second session.

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While we were editing her clothes, we got rid of some sweaters she was not wearing anymore, freeing up some prime real estate in the form of an empty dresser drawer. What was once hidden away in boxes was now on full display at the simple pull of a drawer. We were able to free up some hooks right inside her closet when we got rid of some unused bags. The client made this into the perfect spot for her everyday go-to belts and necklaces, and/or current favorites.


We had also discussed a designated hanger bin. It sounds silly, but having a spot for your empty hangers is key to staying organized. Plus when they are in a bin you can easily carry them into your laundry room or coat closets. This way you will have them at the ready when you need to convert your clothes from the dry cleaner’s hangers onto your own. Because I know you are NOT keeping them in the bags and on those wire hangers right?? Read my previous post here for why this is so terrible. This client had a mix of hangers.  It including, baby hangers. That’s right.  This was a first for me. Her children were no longer babies, far from it, but she had held onto all those hangers. I should tell you that she is really tiny, so this wasn’t a real problem for her clothes, but it was an assault on the eyes.  We actually had a good laugh about it because it was one of those things she hardly noticed, she had just been using them forever. We gave the baby hangers a new home in a big black trash bag that went to good use at a donation center, where they can be used for children’s clothes, again.


By the end of our second session, we had bags of clothes going to donations and 2 big bins going to consignment. I’m pushing the client to put the money she makes from consignment towards new hangers 😉

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My client said she has been wearing things that she has had in her closet for years, accessorizing them to make them modern and fit her lifestyle. She said she feels great and is getting compliments. It is bittersweet, because I know she doesn’t need me right now.

It was this same client who suggested I place some testimonials on my website. I was only too quick to take her up on her offer…

“In short, Suzie was amazing! She is a girls’ girl and has your best fashionista at heart, regardless of your age.  She came into my home and graciously helped me part with years of clothes that I couldn’t bring myself to let go of.  At the same time, Suzie, with her amazing style and eye for color combinations, retrofitted my wardrobe using my existing classic pieces and tailoring them to meet today’s style trends.  She gave me back my old wardrobe with a new and exciting flair. It was a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone who has a closet full of clothes and cannot seem to find a thing to wear!  Since she “Suzied” me and my closet, it takes me so much less time to pull together outfits and feel great about what I am wearing everyday.”

Laura (Hockessin, DE)

It is a very good thing no one is writing testimonials about my cooking or it would be something like this…

“Suzie thinks that fro-yo and wine is a delicious dinner. She can even ruin a frozen pizza by forgetting to take the cardboard off of the bottom. She has also tried the crock pot and failed, forgetting to take that weird piece of plastic paper out from underneath the roast when she dumped it into the crock pot. A blind monkey could do better in the kitchen. Her family may starve if someone doesn’t help her soon.”

Suzie’s family (Kennett Square, PA)

*Insider Tip – Shop at Sears

Laura had set out the very next day after our initial consultation on her quest for the organizer trays I had told her about. Her first stop didn’t have the bins. Determined to complete her mission she sent me a text.  I sent her right over to our local Sears Harware store. The best place to buy these is from a hardware store that also sells tool chests, as these are the organizers that are made  to go inside those chests. They also sell the nubby rubber no-slip padding that you can place in the drawer underneath the bins. It also works if you just want to lay the jewelry out inside a drawer but don’t want it to slip and slide around.  Yes, of course you can find other organizational bins at Target or wherever, I just prefer the size and scale, not to mention the price, of these basic black organizers. You can read more about my love for hardware store finds here.

*Insider Tip – Let your bags go naked

If you bought an expensive hand bag chances are it came with a dust cover. I think the dust covers are great for off-season storage or for traveling,  but I find that most people don’t use their bags if they are hidden underneath their covers. My suggestion is to take clean plastic bags from a recent grocery or shopping trip, put them inside the dust bag, and put the dust bag inside the hand bag. This will help your handbag to retain its shape and stand up straight. You don’t really need to worry about dust because chances are you will be using the bag more now because you can see it.  Due to limited space, and my husband’s inability to cave to my desire to turn our guest bedroom into my own dream closet,  I like to keep only what I am using right now in the closet in my bedroom. The rest of the pieces are fighting for room with these imaginary guests that never actually stay in that room. So big bags go up high, clutches below, and oversize droopy bags I hang.

Someday, that guest bedroom will be mine…someday.  I’m wondering if we can fit a staircase in there.

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  1. Thank you for the feature blog!! Hope others will be inspired from my story. Please feel free to give my email or phone number out to others that may want to chat about the experience.

    Pink was amazing. My husband admitted that he did not expect it to be such a blast. If you have a chance to see her, doit. She is the best!

    Please don’t post any pictures with a tan from Florida or I will hate you!!!

    Best, L

    Laura M. Nolte Sent from my iPad

  2. I ran to Sears Hardware today to pick up the trays….all sold out! Your post must have gone viral!

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