Your Closet Called…it asked for Fall!

Your Closet Called…it asked for Fall!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days because it is the annual Girls Shopping Day in Kennett Square, PA.  You can get everything you need for fall, literally from head to toe at Ashely Austin, Chantilly Blue, Houpette and No.109.

Oh and want some help from a personal shopper and stylist? Come find me! I’ll be starting my day at Chantilly Blue and I will up and down the block until the early afternoon. I’m back to mom duty in the evening but if you can stop in for a cocktail they are open till 8pm!

Can’t make it in? Live far away? Call or text me, or any of the stores. We can send you pics and hold aside for you or even mail for you if you are not local. There are too many great things to miss this!

Chantilly Blue…

So I stopped in here yesterday and started screaming. I think this is Lisa’s best fall picks yet! Lots of color! And pieces to give you that polished casual that you can wear every single day.Rocco is Lisa’s rescued love bug and he is adorable. After falling in love with him Lisa wanted to give back to other rescue pups and shelters. Below is a list of some items they need. Oh and for every item you bring in? 20% off an item in the store! Premium denim, made in the USA, fitted on you by the denim whisperer herself and her amazing staff – on sale!!!

Gift card from Wawa, Walmart, Target, or PetSmart. Also, New or gently used dog harnesses (no collars, please ), dog leash, new dog toys, Dog bowls, dog crates, dog beds. Must be either new or in excellent shape. ATTT does the unbelievable by rescuing and rehabilitating dogs who have nothing good to associate with humans. Vet bills are staggering. They astonish. Beginning Thursday, any one item donated get you 20% off any full priced item. Bring one, bring ten, no limit to the donation and the savings.


This suede finish dress below? I’m in love.


Ashley Austin….

Booties and Bags and Baubles!! So. Much. Good. Stuff. If you buy just one type of shoe for fall make sure you have an ankle boot to wear with cuffed denim or with a dress or skirt. It is the essential fall transition shoe! And if you buy suede don’t forget to spray and protect your shoes from the elements so you can keep them looking brand new. Need advice on fit and what flatters? These lovely girls at Ashley Austin know their stock. Let them help you find your perfect pair!




I am kind of obsessed with the Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks…they are amazing! Not sure of the color? No worries – they have experts on hand to make sure you get the color that works for you.


And No. 109….

Leather (faux) leggings? They are for every age and every body – they add an insta cool factor to a fun top or a cozy oversize winter sweater. Definitely my top pick! Craving some fun color or prints? Heather always  makes sure there are plenty of bright options, no matter what season it is!



*Insider Tip – Just Jenny From The Block

If J.Lo should ever find herself in Kennett Square she would be thrilled that she wouldn’t have to wear out her stilletos looking to check off everything on her list. From lockets to lattes, you can find everything you need up and down the same 2 blocks. So park your car and do some shopping. Then drop your bags back at your car and grab some caffeine. Then do some more shopping. Okay now that you have tried on all the clothes you can eat!

These places are small business owned, unique and amazing. Make sure to check them out. In case you can’t tell I really love our small town, and the best part is the amazing people in it. 🙂


After you get over obsessing how perfect the wall color and the wall art is, make sure to enjoy what a truly amazing fresh brew really tastes like.Prepare to be spoiled.


Green Eyed Lady

You know how it would be so cool to raid the jewelry stash of you eccentric and well traveled Great Aunt Linda? Or craving something unique that no one else will have? All of my favorite cuff bracelets are from here. Their laid back vibe makes it the perfect place to peruse. Looking for something very specific? Ask Colleen and she will let you know if they have it or can find it for you.

Photo of Green Eyed Lady - West Chester, PA, United States


Talulah’s Table

You have probably heard of this place…and yes, it’s as good as everyone says. Try their grab and go takeout or sit with a scone and people watch outside. It’s so peaceful you may not want to leave.



Shop Mamie

A new additon to Kennett Square just in the last couple of months, this sweet boutique with a Delaware flagship store is located just around the corner from Talulahs. This is the perfect place for both mothers and daughters to find something fun for fall. Also check out their collection of Scout accessories and some super adorable toddler size clothes to match mom…think matching faux fur vests…Christmas pic card…DONE.


Thank you so much for reading! Make sure to keep our money in our community…shop small and shop local!







Get Your Sh*t Together

It’s that time of year folks. The birds start to chirp earlier,  the sun tries to warm us up and our schedules start to go in fast forward. I used to think it was just me who started to lose it this time of year but a quick sampling of my friends and family proves I’m not alone.  One friend who I consider one of those people who always has her act together (successful career, cute kids and family, great style) recently drove away with the gas pump still attached to her car. Twice. In the past 6 months. My sister was at my house yesterday for dinner and to have the kids play. We had a nice time while we vented to each other about how overwhelming our lives felt recently. When it was time to go she gathered her kids and was on her way. A little while later my husband came home. “What’s she doing here?” he said. “Who?” I said. He pointed at my sister’s beloved dog who she had brought over to run around in our  yard. Hmmm…I thought. I guess she needs that. I should call her. Despite the fact that I even I didn’t notice we had gained a pet  it could have been worse. It could have been one of her children she left behind.

Get Your Shit Together,

I often waste time wondering what exactly I am doing wrong.  A friend of mine recently had baby number 6. And you know what? She handles life like a boss. I know inside she probably feels she is failing at something. But here is her son’s school project.

image (7)
image via

And here is my son’s.

image via

I did it when he was in the shower because I couldn’t bear to fight through the process with him. Yes we have had 2 weeks to do it and yes of course I am just getting to it tonight, after his baseball game. Oh and by the way it’s supposed to be a polar bear habitat. Can’t you tell?? Just look closely at the polar bear stickers I used. That should help.

Down With the Science Fair
image via Pinterest

I keep a small clutch inside my daily tote so I can pull it out when I am running errands during the day. For this reason I like to keep my smaller clutches easily visible. If I can’t see it I won’t use it. If I’m not using it then it is a complete waste of money. Being that I am visual in nature and I need to see things I also need to see them in an orderly fashion. It sounds a little OCD but it makes me feel better. But here’s the thing, most clutches don’t stand on their own. It’s like trying to prop up dead Bernie on Weekend at Bernie’s. They just keep falling down.  Some people may think I sound like a total princess to get annoyed by clutches not standing up. Don’t be mistaken. I am aware this is a minor problem.  However, when there are bigger issues of stress going on in my life I strive to keep order of what I can control of  the little things that I can control.

Weekend at Bernie's II funny then dog shit
Did anyone realize they made a number 2?? Wasn’t he like really, really, dead by then? Like smelly dead?? Ewwww.

When they all fall down the really stubborn  part of my brain fights this. I will keep trying to prop up the offending clutch that just won’t sit  up, getting more and more pissed off at a poor handbag. This is when the little things that are supposed to bring me order and calm actually make me want to go outside and beat the offending clutch. Kind of like the scene in the movie Office Space, played out along to “Damn it feel good to be a gangsta” by the Geto Boys.   The solution? It’s found in the kitchen supply isle of any home store. For just under $8.00 I lid rack will help me conquer the  battle of the limp clutch.


image (6)
image via



image (5)
image via



image (4)
image via


Which in turn leads to me feeling like this:


an iconic spa treatment: cucumber-on-eyes provide hydration to your eyes as well as relaxation!
image via Pinterest

It’s money well spent.

 *Insider Tip – Sometimes it is okay to sweat the small stuff.

Take a good look at your closet and decide what drives you the most nuts. Do you share a closet with your husband? Does he have a lot of dry cleaning? I know many a marriages that have been saved at the simple act of placing a small trashcan inside the closet to corral the trash that accompanies a freshly dry cleaned item.  Finding little pins, papers, tags and plastic bags on the floor of your closet can piss off the perkiest of a morning person.  You may never get your husband to detach said trash in an orderly fashion, and transport it out of the closet trashcan. In fact, you may have better luck potty training your dog. So stop complaining about the small things that drive you nuts and find a simple solution. Are you strangling in scarves? This little $10 beauty may just be a life saver.

College Closet Scarf Hanger Dorm Room Products Fun Items College Closet Organization Dorms

I am also bin obsessed. Bins come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Your sh*t just looks good when it is hidden inside a pretty bin.

Circo™ Linen Striped Tote - Set of 2 - Gray Birch
Circo™ Linen Striped Tote from Target

 *Insider Tip – Make it convenient.

I used to have the same battle with my son every morning before school. He would get himself dressed, brush his teeth and come downstairs for breakfast. He would be ready to go out to the bus stop as soon as he put on his socks and shoes. But he never brought his socks downstairs. For some reason he just could not complete that step when he was getting dressed. Sending him back upstairs for his socks was like moving a mountain. You think I was asking him to climb up the stairs of the Washington Monument they way he whined and complained. It finally dawned on me to take his socks out of sock drawer and put them in a bin in our downstairs coat closet, right near his shoes. When I am doing laundry all the socks just get tossed into the bin rather than taking an unnecessary trip upstairs. Plus now I have more drawer space in his dresser for his 6,000 t-shirts he can’t bear to part with. I choose to pick my battles one at a time.   So what are waiting for? Listen to Annie as she motivates Carol in one of the scenes from Bridesmaids

. Get your shit together Carol!! There are not words for how much I love this movie. -Bridesmaids-

Thanks for reading!



P.S. Need a Laugh?

Want more examples of how parents slack off at the end of the school year? Make sure to check out Buzz Feed’s

Parents At The Beginning Of The School Year Vs. The End .


How to Wear a Statement Necklace

How to Wear a Statement Necklace

It used to be that oversize aka “statement” necklaces were only used for formal events. Remember the scene with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she gets THE necklace from Harry Winston?  Then came the costume jewelry trend just a couple of years ago. Suddenly wearing a large piece of jewelry with something as simple as a t-shirt became the look du jour.  The “statement” can be anything from fun to pretty to sophisticated. So many clients that tell me that they really like these necklaces but are afraid they will look like they are wearing a dog collar, or feel like Queen Elizabeth.  The truth is that if you are wearing one of these type of necklaces people will stare. Because it will look good! 

we musn't be afraid to sparkle

A good friend of mine gave me the most gorgeous necklace. She recently launched DeChic Boutique, a unique and carefully selected collection of some of her favorite pieces of jewelry. She started her site based upon her belief that fun jewelry didn’t have to cost a fortune.  Please click here to check out her site, and click here to read her story.


We thought it would be fun to give you some ideas on how to wear some of these statement pieces, showing they work from casual day to a night out.

Build your outfit around the colors in the necklace.

Pick one of the dominate shades and use that as your inspiration. You can start with a neutral, like white or black, and pair it back to another solid color in the piece. This blue skirt is an ancient purchase from J Crew that makes me feel like a grown-up, at least on the outside, and I paired it back to the always perfect white “Uptown” shirt from No Belly Show.


The chevron top is the same colors so the pattern still works against the necklace.


Try dressing “down” the statement of the necklace. Pair it back to more casual pieces for a laid-back look.

Denim shirts and jackets add the cool factor to almost anything, instantly.



Dress it back up for night.

Because only my girlfriends really understand how fun colored jeans can be. The necklace makes the mint colored denim work against the navy and white polka dot  top from CAbi’s Spring line.


Play with pattern. 

This outfit makes me want to play croquet on a lawn in Palm Beach. Preferably with a gin and tonic. And someone named Buffy.


Take it into the next season.

Don’t banish your fun summer necklaces to their back of your closet just because the temperatures drop. This silk blouse in yellow paired with dark skinnies takes me right into November. Notice the cream studded clutch, purchased in early spring from Ashley Austin, will blend seamlessly into my fall wardrobe.


 Want to try it? DeChic Boutique is offering a limited time promotion of $10.00 off of this necklace!   All you have to do is visit the website DeChic Boutique, and enter the code SUZIE  to get $10.00 off this piece. Oh yeah and shipping is free, ALWAYS! Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any other sales or new pieces.

In fact don’t be surprised if random strangers compliment on your necklace and ask where you got it. And if they say “Wow, I wish I could wear something like that!” Tell them they can! And of course you may encounter that one idiot, usually a creepy older guy wearing and old t-shirt,  who says something like “Why you wearin’ such a big fancy necklace?”,  just thank them for taking notice and move on.


*Insider Tip – Pick your statement.

Want to go bold with your necklace? Don’t worry about matching up your earrings. In fact matching them actually can look a little too 80’s .

Your best bet is to keep it simple and stick with something small and classic, like diamond studs, or skip the earrings all together. Rocking out with the big chandelier earrings?

From DeChic Boutique

Keep the focus on them by skipping the necklace or staying with something clean and short. The key is to always have balance so you don’t end up having other pieces competing with the star of your show, which hopefully won’t be called Dynasty.


Need more ideas? Stuck in a style rut? Message me for a personal consultation in your own closet where we can make your accessories work for you!



A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I used to be good at multitasking. Now I just have multiple tasks lying around that were started and stopped. I use the excuse that I had children so they took my brain power.

When it comes to my clothing there are no excuses. I  am not a gazillionaire, nor do I have room for a 4,000 square foot closet. Even if I did it would be exhausting to have that many options in my wardrobe. When I buy an item it HAS to multi-task. What exactly does that mean? I have a couple of guidelines.

1. Can I wear the item for day and night?

Obviously I am not talking about my items like running shorts. But the fundamental pieces should be able to transition to fit multiple occasions. Below is a recent outfit I put together for a client. She travels extensively. When she gets a chance to go to her vacation home she wants it to be easy and relaxing. She also likes to make it simple by packing light. Her clothing choices need to be able to take her from daytime shopping errands and also work for a dinner out with friends.

IMG_0355 IMG_0356

This classic stripe cotton dress works for multiple occasions.

2. Does it match at least 3 things I already own?

There was an amazing pair of printed silk pants that I thought I had to have. They were different colors for me, browns, maroon, golds. But I bought them home and realized in order to wear them I would have to go out and track down more tops to try to match the pants. At that point, they began to feel like more of a hassle.  I tend to gravitate toward jewel tone colors, and of course black. But brown? I don’t even have one brown top in my wardrobe. It just blends in too much with my hair and I look like a giant raisin. Not good. It is good to try pieces that are different, but it is a waste of your time and money if you the item limits you to only one outfit. In the end I returned the pants and ended up finding a pair of orange shorts that look great with all of my navy and white pieces I alreay own for summer.


This client’s closet, pictured above, would not benefit by buying anything that needs to match to brown.  It’s addition to her already established color palette would cause more harm than good, as it would hang around like a loner and not play nice with her other items.

3. Can I wear it at least 3 out of 4 seasons?

Here in Pennsylvania we have 4 distinct seasons. I would even argue to say there is almost 6 depending on what kind of spring and fall we have. I know it is what I do for a living but I truly dread the schlepping of bins for seasonally stored items.  I only allow myself to have a few pieces that are truly meant for 1 season only. A strapless shorter sundress in a bright color? It is really only good for summer, maybe early spring if I pair it with a denim jacket. A faux fur vest? It is a fall/winter item. When purchasing these 1-2 season items try to limit your spending amount. A 2 season item is not worth investing a ton of money in. On the other hand a cashmere sweater is a quite an investment. Normally thought of for fall and winter, it is hard to justify spending the money. To get more mileage out of an item pick a color that will work for more seasons. A black cashmere sweater is a classic. A pink cashmere sweater may seem more trendy but in reality it can be worn all year. I love a simple lightweight cashmere crew neck with shorts on a cool summer night at the beach. In the winter the jolt of pink is a refreshing way to break up my black and gray and otherwise bleak wardrobe.

Toothpick jean in ecru

Collection toulouse floral short

Midrise toothpick jean in carbon

Pixie pant

The pink sweater works 4 seasons. With white jeans for spring, printed shorts on a cool summer night, denim for fall, and black pants in winter, it actually proves to be more versatile than basic black.  (All images above via

*Insider Tip –

You really and truly should love everything you have. If that means having less, so be it. Have you ever gone on vacation and the weather or plans changed? You have to make do with what you packed. The plain blue sweatshirt that you thought you would wear for exercising? It may end up working perfectly with white jeans and a cute necklace for a chillier than expected night out.  The maxi dress meant for a night out? Paired with flat sandals it could make the perfect day dress for a casual impromptu brunch. The point is clothing is not inexpensive. Your purchases are meant to be worn and enjoyed.  Buy the best quality that you can afford and don’t save items for only for special occasions or specific situations.  Some of the best outfits come from unexpected combinations.

Pinned Image

Thanks for reading!


Spring Things

Spring is a time of renewal…especially for your wardrobe!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to replenish and refresh. Trust me, if you wait until summer, you won’t be able to find what you are looking for. And if you live locally? You won’t want to miss the Spring Shopping event at Ashley Austin and Chantilly Blue.

Two stores, one night, and multiple fabulous sales and specials. I stopped in today for a quick preview and here are the items on my wish list!

This outfit from Chantilly Blue. White eyelet is always fresh for spring and summer. I love it back to a perfectly faded blue jean.


Pair it with these shoes from Ashley Austin for a daytime look…


Then take it into a casual date night outfit with these heels!


There is chevron on the heels!! Stop! Every girl loves chevron. Just pick up one of these fun cocktail rings to transition your look and you are all set! They are conveniently right by the sales counter so you can grab one while they are ringing up shoes 🙂


The next outfit I am crushing on  starts with this dress.


What is not to love? Black and white is always so chic!

And  I am dreaming of it with these amazing wedges…


Don’t forget to add the perfect bag!


I am drooling. It is gold. And sparkling. And BIG.

Need help on putting the complete outfit together? From head to toe I can help you get the look you want for Spring! Come see me at Chantilly Blue and Ashley Austin. I will be happy to help!

*Insider Tip –

Lisa at Chantilly Blue gave me the heads up that there will be denim on sale, some bootcuts will be 25% off!!


And don’t forget she has Smashbox makeup and a makeup artist on hand for you to get glowing.


*Insider Tip –

Mother’s Day, graduations, they are all coming up quickly! With special sale promotions this is the perfect time to grab a gift. Or one for you and one for them…




These go with everything and anything. They are super comfy. And they are priced very reasonable. So you can buy two 🙂 Again, I’ll let you decide if you want to share.

Pinned Image
image via Pinterest

I also want to send some extra special thoughts and prayers for all those affected by yet another horrible tragedy.Everyday is a gift…enjoy the present.”

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