What Exactly Is A Wardrobe Audit?

The top 10 things you need to know about a wardrobe audit.

I am the first to admit that my job is more than a little unusual. Personal styling and personal shopping have been around for a long time, but inviting someone into your home to audit your wardrobe is a relatively new concept. I’m often asked exactly how this works so I thought I would explain with a little more detail.

1. You need to put the cart before the horse.

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Or in other words, before you can have an effective personal styling session you need to have your closet cleaned out. This way it is easier to find your clothes, ensures that you like everything in there, and, last but not least, that it fits you properly. If you are even thinking about having a professional organizing system installed, then you really need to edit first. Even if you are thinking of buying matching hangers. This way you can plan for your wardrobe you are currently wearing, not the one that includes your suits from 20 years ago.

2. This does not mean that your closet has to look like you are a cast member of Real Housewives. 

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You do not need to have a large closet. Or a professional organization system. I work within your space and budget.  You don’t need to live in a mansion that was professionally decorated.  And I don’t care what the rest of your house looks like so don’t clean for me. I am all about your closet. I have clients that only have rolling racks, no closets. I have clients whose wardrobe is spread over 5 closets. I have clients that haven’t cleaned out anything in 40 years. I don’t care, really. I love my job so much it is ridiculous.  And by the way my house, and my wardrobe, are not perfect. They are evolving and changing all the time. Hopefully just like I am.

3. It takes two to make a thing go right. 

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Much like a session with a personal fitness trainer, I am there to whip your wardrobe into shape. But since your wardrobe is not a living, breathing, thing, you have to be its voice. In most cases you can expect me to come in with one of those great big silver rolling garment racks and wheel it right in front of your closet. Then I will take each item out, one by one, and together we will decide if should stay or go. It is a lot of work, on both of our parts, and you will be tired afterwards. Would you buy it again today if you saw it in the store? Is it doing it’s job?  I will never have you get rid of something you love. I will push you to move on from pieces that are only holding you back and taking up valuable space in your closet.

4. I am not a style dictator.

If you are looking for a complete overhaul and makeover than I am not your girl. The reason I need you to go through your clothes with me is because it helps me to understand who you are. Every item tells a story. Why you bought it, why you like it, why you hate it, why it works, why it doesn’t.  My style is not meant to be your style. I am there to help you find and cultivate yours.

5. It’s gonna take a while.

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I base my packages around 3 hour sessions. Some people need more. Rarely does anyone need less. We will take out everything. You’d be surprised at how much stuff we all have.

6. It can be addictive.

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Once we start most clients want to keep going through everything. T-shirt drawers, pajamas, shoes, jewelry, accessories. Streamlining and simplifying feels good.

7. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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Parting with the shoes that cost you $100 that you wore once but never again because they hurt your feet? That sucks. Getting rid of the size 2 pants in the back of your closet you had pre-baby? Depressing. Rehashing old purchasing mistakes? A total bummer. But having those things in your closet haunting you every day? That is the biggest buzz kill of all.  Your mistakes have been made. You are the size you are right now.  What is done is done and your life is worth living as it is right now. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t wait for the future maybes.

8. You can make some money.


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Consigning clothes is easier than ever. I will give you my best picks of where to turn your clothes into cash, or, you can hire me to do it for you. Either way you get a check for stuff that was just sitting in your closet.

9. What happens in your closet stays in your closet.

I have found everything from old food, to shoes that had no business being in anyone’s closet ever. I have found a cat. Yes, it was alive. Apparently it just liked to hide in the closet.  I have seen it all and it does not faze me. I am not there to judge, or to tell anyone else what your closet or your spending habits are.  It is no one else’s business. And for some the process is emotional. There have been tears. There is always laughter. We will have fun.  It’s all good.

10. I put it back and take it with me when I leave.

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I look like Santa. Except my bags are pink and packed with clothing to donate. Oh and I don’t have a white beard, yet. And I’ve got to take my trusty rolling rack back home so I will be putting all of your clothes back into your closet. In a cohesive way that works for you and your lifestyle. Usually it will be by type and then by color.


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The best part of completing the wardrobe audit? Putting together all the great outfits. The hard work is done. At this point I can even come into your closet without you even having to be there, and put together outfits for you. I can pack you up for a trip. I can even switch your closet over from season to season.   I can do this because now I know that every single piece in your closet is loved by you. It fits you. If there are items missing we can quickly and easily identify what you need. So shopping becomes a purposeful and fulfilling event. And you can get on with your life, outside of your closet.

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  1. I love reading your posts. You are so funny and witty but dead on and honest about how we all live. And the Rob Base album cover was a nice touch. lol

    I know you could so wonders for me!

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