Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Review

I love watching the red carpet. The good, bad, the ugly, I love it all. For me the Oscars are like the Super Bowl and the all the awards shows leading up are like playoff games. Overall I think it was the veteran ladies that really turned it out last night.  Here’s my recap.

Best Use Of Color

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong’o via Pinterest

Lupita Nyong’o looked stunning in this amazing shade of red.

Best Use Of Black

Julianna Marguilies
Julianna Marguilies image via Pinterest

I thought Julianna looked stunning in this black number that fit her beautifully. Even in Hollywood it is still January and still winter. She looked seasonally appropriate.

Best Use Of Glam

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale image via Pinterest

Kate Beckinsale looks like a trophy. Simply dazzling.

Best Use Of a Baby Belly

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde via Pinterest

It is simply not fair that Olivia Wilde looks this amazing while expecting her first baby.

Best Accessory

Sofia Vergara .
Sofia Vergara via Pinterst

Let’s be honest. Sofia usually makes her va va voom body her accessory but over emphasizing her many assets. I loved the pop of color of this necklace on her. It balanced out her beautiful ball gown perfectly and kept the focus on her equally flawless face.

Best Dressed Couple

Channing and Jenna
Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum via Pinterest

These two look like Hollywood’s Homecoming King and Queen. Beautiful.

Best Dressed Family

Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon  Daughter Sosie Bacon As Miss Golden Globes
Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon Daughter Sosie Bacon As Miss Golden Globes via Pinterest

They all look so great together. Except I want to tell Mr. Bacon to get his foot off of his daughter’s dress.

Best Dressed – Runner Up

Laura Dern: 2014 Golden Globes
Laura Dern via Pinterest

This dress fits, flatters and looks fabulous on Laura Dern. Loved her hair down and flowing with the dress.

Best Dressed

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie via Pinterest

The shoes, the slit, the hair, the jewels, Margot Robbie nailed every detail. Simply stunning.

 Bonus – Style Swaps

I don’t like to pick on people or have a worst dressed. Although I think there where some definite They Could Have Looked Better. Here’s some celebrities I’d like to see swap looks.  all images via Pinterest

Julia Roberts: 2014 Golden GlobesEmma Roberts: 2014 Golden Globes

Julia Roberts is about as A-list in Hollywood as it gets. And her hair deserves its own star on the walk of fame. Pinned up like this her trademark tresses look too serious. And I am not a fan of the dress. Conveniently her own niece, Emma Roberts, has a dress that I think would have looked amazing on Julia. And with Emma being so young I’d like to see her in some color. Maybe she can take Amy Adam’s dress?

Emma Roberts: 2014 Golden GlobesAmy Adams

I think Amy’s color blocking would look fun and fresh on Emma.  Amy also has gorgeous hair and I would have loved to see it down and worn with something more sleek and sexy. I think she could  take Reese’s dress and put on some showstopper earrings.

Amy AdamsReese Witherspoon: 2014 Golden Globes

Don’t get me wrong, Reese’s body looked amazing, but for some reason I didn’t love the color on her. Plus I think she looks really good in a halter neckline.  Withe her sleek and edgy hair cut maybe she could take Amy’s Poehler’s black dress?

Reese Witherspoon: 2014 Golden GlobesAmy Poehler: 2014 Golden Globes

Don’t feel like I am leaving Amy naked. She looked amazing in her many outfit changes as co-host of the awards, as did her other half Tina Fey.

Amy Poehler: 2014 Golden GlobesAmyAmy Poehler - NBC Golden Globes Party 2014 | amy poehler nbc golden globe 2014 party 02 - Photo

So what are your thoughts? Who did you like? Do you think anyone should have swapped dresses?

*Insider Tip – Have fun!

Remember that fashion is meant to be fun. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you just have to say dresses aren’t for me and go the way of Diane Keaton. She is beautiful and a great actress but long ago she adopted the mantra of avoiding what doesn’t make her feel comfortable. Last night she rocked a tux. And I think she looked great because she looked like herself.

Diane Keaton

I feel this way about Jennifer Lawrence.  I didn’t love her white dress on her but I just can’t go there. I love her so much and she seems so unbearably uncomfortable at these awards shows that I almost feel like she just needs to find what she feels comfortable in. She’s such a great actress she is sure to have many of these shows in her future. I can’t wait to see her find her own true style.

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4 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Review

  1. Great blog,I agree with you… mostly! Not a fan of Laura Dern’s dress, it seemed drab to me. Julia Roberts outfit was chosen by her children, I believe she said. Not a good idea; it looks like a man tailored white shirt with a strapless black gown. Now Sharon Stone pulled off a similar white shirt with a black shirt a while back at the Oscars, but she couldn’t look bad in anything back then; she really owned it. Diane Keaton? Total winner. I need to pull out my ties. Every time I wore a suit and tie to work (corporate environment) men were all over it. In my single days of course. And any comments on Emma Thompson’s TOTAL makeover? Wow, when you look at some of her before photos, the change is awesome. I love the red carpet too!

    1. Gayle – Thanks for the feedback! I can total picture you rocking a tie. I bet you looked amazing! And yes I should have mentioned Emma Thompson – loved her presenting!

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