Christmas Jammies

I love getting into pajamas. It means my day is over and I can completely unwind. Plus there is nothing more comfortable. One of my favorite parts about Christmas morning is that it seems like a perfectly feasible excuse to hang about in my pajamas for a good part of the day. This also works out considering how much food I have consumed by this point in the month. Find out how to do it and still look fashionable by clicking over to my guest post on The Style Buzzz blog for Boutique Buzzz. Thank you Boutique Buzzz for hosting me!

Today I am wearing this Tartan plaid shirt from Land’s End. So soft and cut just right for a girl.

Jeans – Chantilly Blue

Shoes and Bag – Ashley Austin

Necklace – John Wind

Bracelet – Given to me by my grandmother.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Jammies

  1. You gave me permission to do it and I did!! I wore brand new pajama bottoms the kiddies gave, a
    long sleeve white tshirt and a jean jacket. The entire family agreed they would do it next year and we all marked our calendars! The 2nd piece of pie went down so much easier with pjs on! Thank you Suzie!!

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