How to Wear Camo

I consider camouflage  to be one of those fun patterns that can work as a neutral, meaning like leopard print camo can pretty much be paired back to anything. The key to not looking like a cast member of Duck Dynasty is all about the balance. I am  not one for fashion rules but I do recommend some guidelines.

Duck Dynasty's Jessica Robertson in a camouflage dress
She looks beautiful but beware,  this look is very hard to pull off unless you are currently on a reality show based on hunting.

1. Pick one. 

Stick with one accent piece. A jacket, a pant, a shoe. I strongly suggest avoiding the print on both the top and bottom portions of the body. Otherwise it can quickly look like you are wearing camo for the true purpose of camouflaging yourself into the woods. And this could scare the other mommies in the car pool pickup line if you look full out military. If you are feeling unsure about wearing a print an accessory or a jacket is the way to go. With an accessory the print is small in proportion to the rest of the outfit.  A jacket is also great because it is non-committal. So you can wear it into work over a dress but take it off to transition the outfit into something office appropriate.

2014-04-30 16.14.56
Jacket – The Gap, Dress – Ann Taylor Loft


2. Opposites attract.

When going with any type of print that suggests a strong statement pair it back to something with an opposite statement to come up with a happy medium. Since camo print is rugged by nature, try something preppy as a contrast. It doesn’t get much more preppy than a white Oxford shirt from Ralph Lauren.

2014-04-30 16.25.38
Shirt – Ralph Lauren, Pants – CAbi Spring 2014


3. Keep it classic.

If you are hesitant about wearing camo try it out in a classic silhouette. The crew neck t-shirt is a no fail. The simple cut lets it work on its own or as a layering piece. And pearls are always a classic.

T-Shirt – Target, Blazer – Willow and Clay, Jeans – Hudson


4. Dress it up.

Most people think of camouflage as casual or utilitarian. Don’t be afraid to up its status to nighttime. Glittery heels and a white jacket take the CAbi print pants to an after dark look that is different and unexpected.

2014-04-30 18.33.50
Shirt – The Loft, Jacket – Aqua, Pants – CAbi Spring 2014, Shoes – Ashley Austin, Necklace – Stella and Dot




*Insider Tip – Watch the cut…and the print. 

When wearing camouflage make sure you buy it in a feminine, tailored cut. Although the print may be originally borrowed from the boys, this is not one of those things where you can throw on your husbands hunting gear and make it look cute.  Also look for a “feminized” camo print. Not all camouflage is created equal. The scale and color on true camouflage is different from one meant for a fashion statement. And unless you are actually on an outdoor adventure together I would advice against wearing matching camo when you are with your significant other.



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By the way, I still cannot correctly spell camouflage even as I conclude this post. My spell checker is even annoyed with me.



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  1. You’re sense of style amazes me! I’m not one to like camo, but I love your tips & outfit suggestions!

  2. OMG! I am so cool! I bought blue camo (notice I don’t know how to spell either) shorts and a few weeks ago. Now onto that preppy shirt!!! Thank you Suzie!!!!!

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