What to wear…NYC day trip…and a rainy forecast.

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New York City…there is no place like it. You will find every type of person in the city but I don’t know one gal that doesn’t stress when they are visiting the Big Apple.

From a client this week…

“Going to NYC for the day on the 25th, maybe just throw me some advice about that???”
I emailed her back to request more details…
“Not very glamorous NYC trip, 4 moms driving two Suburbans with 4 of our kids and 4 Spanish Exchange students to Jersey City and taking the ferry into NYC. NO idea what we are actually going to DO there but the kids wanted to go and we would rather go with them than have them go alone!  So most likely a lot of walking around, lunch, shopping etc. “
This particular mom is far from high maintenance but I knew she was stressing a little about what to wear. Having been to NYC before I know that as fabulous as the city is there is a whole lot of hurry up and waiting going on. Hurry up to catch a train, a taxi, a bus, a reservation. Wait in line at a restaurant, the restroom, the train (again), or in traffic. It can be hot, it can be cold. All within the same 5 minutes. In a city with everything in it anything can happen. Preparation is key. I know all this after I spent 24 whirlwind hours in the city with some friends this summer. We packed it all in and I have the scars to prove it.

Back to my lovely client and her needs…here was my suggestion on what she should wear.

“Your favorite skinny or straight jeans .
A nice, plain t-shirt or tank in white or a neutral shade like gray.Or even a classic striped t. If you think you will be cold go with a white oxford shirt or denim button down instead of a t. You can wear it over a fitted white tank and leave it a little unbuttoned. 
A blazer . Pick a flattering cut that you can button or leave unbuttoned. Look for seams and tailoring that goes in at the narrowest part of your torso. 
A scarf to pull it together. 
A short bootie with a comfortable heel height.  More durable and supportive  than a ballet flat and will come in handy if it rains. You can do tall riding boots but you might get hot.
If rain is definitely in the forecast swap a sporty but cute rain coat or anorak for the blazer and wear rain boots, preferably Hunter as they are crazy comfortable. 
Keep jewelry simple and use a cross body bag if you have one.”
Remember this client is not going to a Broadway shows or out dancing with her friends. The outfit needs to be appropriate and functional. The blazer-scarf -t shirt-skinny jeans combo is a no fail way to be comfortable and look polished.
Here are some pictures I sent my client as inspiration. (All pics via Pinterest).
A Gap scarf and tee as featured on the blog Lou What Wear.Fall Outfit With Boyfriend Jeans,Scarf and Brown CoatCan't wait to re-create this look with my new navy blazer (custom made!!), jeans, a t-shirt, scarf and some great green flats!Love this right down to the Starbucks. #Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#love this kind of outfit:  jeans, white t-shirt, blazer, scarf and leopard!Love this!! Gymboree now has women's clothes! Shade.com - Wish it didn't cost so much.My style philosophy...it's just as easy to put this on to get coffee as it is to put the same jeans and tshirt on...and add a blazer and scarf instead of a sweatshirt and nothing. dress like your personality.jeans, blazer, flats, scarf, casual outfit
Change out a more organic & colorful scarfI've been searching for this anorak for about...all summer... cannot find the exact one.

*Insider Tip – Buy an anorak.

By definition an anorak is “a waterproof jacket, typically with a hood.”  An anorak jacket can become a vip in your wardrobe provided you purchase one with the right details. Consider it the low-fat version of your winter parka. Perfect for travel because they can go from sporty to sleek in an instant.

Things to look for:

Wide or deep zippered or covered flap pockets. This is great for travel and to protect any essentials in the rain.

A hood. (Optional) Because after all, it is supposed to protect you from the rain, not simply to provide a style statement, but there are some people who I know will simply never use it.

Lightweight materials. Nylon or lightweight cotton will be water-resistant and easy to move in. Also good to pack away into a handbag or suitcase.

3/4 length. Should you get caught in the rain or cooler temps the longer length will keep your bum warm and dry. It also works over a dress.

A drawstring waist. Anoraks are sack like in nature. To prevent yourself from looking like an actual sack of potatoes employ the drawstring to create or define your waistline.

A color that you love and works with your wardrobe. Neutrals like gray and black go from the office to the weekend while bright pops of color can cheer you up on a rainy day. Consider your lifestyle and when and where you will be wearing your jacket.

Due to the seasonal nature of these jackets many are on sale right now, although I wear mine almost all year. I can’t stand being in a thick wool sweater and then piling on an even heavier jacket if it is raining or yucky outside. When I am in and out of the car I love to throw on my anorak and stash my keys and credit card in the deep pockets. Easy peesy.

This one below is one of my favorite styles.

Click here for this jacket – http://bit.ly/35jybt9

Need your own wardrobe quick consult? Contact me for a personalized recommendation for what to wear with what and where to wear it.  

Thanks for reading!


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