Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet Review

We know that Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling are hilarious, but they also have a lot of good life advice! Get inspired by these nine quotes from our favorite funny women.  1. "If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?" -Tina Fey

You know how the guys like to play Monday morning quarterback and go over all the should have, could have, would haves of the game? Well I like to do that with the red carpet. Here’s my quick review and how I’d like to see the stars switch it up.

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I loved….

Kate Beckinsale from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

all the neutral metallic colors are always some of my favorite looks. They are movie stars and they shine like it.

Jennifer Lopez, Golden Globes

Jennifer Lopez is aging reverse and I want to know her secret. Although I know I will sound like a total prude but I wish she would have covered up her own golden globes just slightly more. I was almost distracted by wondering how much tape was used and if it was digging into her boobs.

Julianne Moore from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

Julianne Moore’s dress was just fabulous but I would have liked to have  sees her hair up and a little more polished to keep the focus on the dress.

Reese Witherspoon from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

Reese was simply gorgeous in a perfectly tailored gown but how cool would it have been if she did something funky and unexpected like a turquoise statement necklace or a bohemian drop earring. She is always so poised that sometimes I would like to see her add a little more edge.

Age is not an issue…

judith-light-golden-globes-2015Helen Mirren from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

These beautiful ladies are both in their late 60s and both looked better than many of actresses half their age. They know their figures and they know what a difference the right tailoring and color makes in perfecting a look.

Speaking of youth…


She’s only 19 years old but this young actress from Showtimes “The Affair” absolutely stunned.

It’s all about that bass…

There were some stars that looked like they were starving or being swallowed up by their dresses.


I know George Clooney’s wife Amal is naturally thin but this black gown just hung on her frame. By the way I love the joke Tina and Amy did about how “Amal’s husband George” was receiving an award. Maybe I am just jealous of her brains and beauty and the fact that she gets to sleep next to George every night.

Chrissy Teigen from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s lovely model wife looks great. I love that she has beautiful curves that are hugged perfectly by this gorgeous gown without having to stick any of her bits and pieces in our face.

They tried something different…


Emma Stone is only 26 years old. This is her time to do something a little different. I think she looks modern, fresh and fun.

Kate Hudson from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

I usually love everything Kate Hudson wears but this time I felt like she pushed the sexy factor too far. She is adorable and has a great body but this just felt like something I would see on Beyonce instead of Kate. I’d like to have seen her in Emily Blunt’s white gown with a more subtle showing of skin.



Speaking of switching it up…

I don’t like to tear celebrities totally apart because I don’t think it is easy to stand up there and have everyone critique you. So I will try and bash gently. It wasn’t that I hated these looks it’s just that I have seen these celebs look so much better in previous choices.

Jennifer Aniston from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

One of Jennifer Aniston’s most enviable features is her hair. I think the stiff updo paired with this dress felt stuffy. I think long and loose would have made the dress feel more youthful. Although I still don’t like the way it cuts her off at the boobs and pulls across her tiny middle. I know she almost always goes with black but I would have loved to see her give her dress to ….


Rosamund Pike. She had a huge staring role in Gone Girl and had a baby only 5 weeks ago. And of course she looks great for being a new mom but I think Jennifer’s black dress would have been more figure friendly and totally striking with her hair. And to be honest I don’t know that the cutout in white on the hips would have been great on anybody.

Back to Jennifer, I’d love to see her borrow this dress off of Amy Adams. The dress was cut beautifully but I don’t love the color on Amy. Jenn’s skin tone would have made this gown really stand out.

Amy Adams from 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals | E! Online

So now Amy needs a dress. I love redheads in red, especially on the red carpet. Amy would have stolen the show in Allison William’s tiered confection of sparkle. Something about this look on Allison felt old (she’s only 26) and I would have like to see something more architectural and daring.


Maybe she could wear this Zac Posen stunner seen on Katherine Heigel?


But Katherine looked stunning in this dress as well so I will stop the swapping here!


So what are your thoughts! I’d love to hear. By the way the best part about fashion is that is subjective. Just like art beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person might love another person might hate. The point being there is no right or wrong, except for Keira Knightly’s Chanel gown.

Keira Knightley In Chanel - 2015 Golden Globe Awards

I know she is pregnant so I going straight to the source and blaming Karl Lagerfeld for this one. Even on the runway I was not a fan of the design.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. You are so right about all of it! I also loved Jenna Dewan Tatum, the yellow & the draping was so beautiful on her. Loved Emma’s pant suit and that she was different. Loved your ideas of swapping dresses, those all made much better sense. I was bummed about Jennifer’s dress too, it reminded me of a dress from prom in 1998. Julianne Moore was definitely one of my favorites, not usually a fan of feathers but loved her dress!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dayanne! Yes many of the dresses last night had a 1990s prom vibe to them. I also loved the yellow dresses as well! Thanks for reading!

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