The SAG Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Did you gets chance to check out the SAG awards on Monday night? There was a lot of color and a lot of white on the red carpet. Here’s my recap.

My favorite color is green and I’m obsessed with sparkle so I literally gasped when I saw this green gown on Julianne Moore. But again with the hair?? I get that she is going for that tousled casual look but I just wished it was a looked a little more done.


Sometimes you can love a dress but just not love it on someone. This vintage Balenciaga (I’m a total sucker for vintage) is ah-mah-zing BUT Jenn there is just too much boob. Again, call me a prude but it just felt like she was trying too hard to be sexy. I love the idea of the bohemian style necklace but it just draws your eyes straight to her chest and away from the beautiful dress. However she did bring back her California girl perfect hair and perfected that I just walked off the beach perfection.


I think both these ladies looked amazing but I think they could look that much better if they swapped? It’s all about having the right shoulders in these type of gowns and I think a switcheroo would have made it perfect.


Emma Stone keeps bringing the couture and at 26 years old she is at the perfect age to balance trendy with sophisticate. Menswear is a huge trend right now in fashion and it is Dior. Is it my favorite dress on her ever? No but I love that she is shaking it up and bringing fun and funk to a sea of ball gowns. Oh and her makeup? Perfection!


And can we get a Hell Yeah for Joan Collins??? She is 81! Damn, I’ll have what she’s having. I feel like ZZTop should be her entourage singing “She’s got legs…she knows how to use them.”



My fav? Rashida Jones in Emanuel Ungaro. I think she looked fresh, fun and different. And most important? She looked comfortable. I hate to see a celebrity do the stiletto shuffle as they awkwardly have one of those situations where the dress is wearing them as opposed to them wearing the dress. Her makeup, jewelry and hair all came together to compliment the dress without ever overpowering her.


So who did you love? Who do you think has looked better in other looks? Let me know! I’d love to hear. Plus my husband is getting sick of analyzing this with me. I don’t even think he realized Jennifer Anniston had hair because he was so distracted by her other…assets.

*Insider Tip – Do your research.
Going somewhere special? Consider your past. Look through photos to see what (neckline, hemline, color) you have looked good in and, more importantly, felt good in. Not every silhouette and cut is for every body. There is one for yours so be patient and you will find it.



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