What to buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 (all picks under $100)

I’m going to be honest and say I am not thrilled with what I have seen for Fall this year. Maybe it’s just because it is still in the heat of summer, or maybe it’s because fall colors can feel very blah. Whatever it is, my favorites in this sale aren’t anything groundbreaking, but they are great staples. These are pieces you can buy to inject some new life into your wardrobe, and you’ll still know that they will be relevant in your wardrobe the following year. I’m attaching the direct pics (just click on them to go to the Nordstrom site), followed by some great ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

*If you click on the outfit pictures they will take you to the Polyvore website, where each piece is broken down. 


Key Piece #1 – Blue Dress – $45

Product Image, click to zoom













This dress is a perfect transition piece – wear heels to the office or pop on a light jacket and comfy shoes for the weekend. The blue color is great because it works with both brown and black accessories. And don’t let that gathering on the side scare you – that is key for being able to adjust the dress to fit your body perfectly, camouflaging what you don’t like and highlighting what you do.

One Dress Two Ways


Key Piece #2 – Distressed Denim – $66

Product Image, click to zoom


Distressed denim should not be expensive. It already has holes in it for goodness sake so there is no reason to pay more for less material. Afraid you are too old to rock this look? Balance the more rocker style denim with something conservative and classic on the top, maybe a cashmere sweater, or a classic white button down. Add a sneaker or cute flat and you are all set. It’s the perfect way to nail a look that is cool and chic. Want to dress them up? A cold shoulder top will still keep you warm, while the open toe booties are foot friendly with the right amount of edge.


One Jean Two Ways


Key Piece #3 – Fringed Cape – $99


Product Image, click to zoom


My clients know that a statement style cape is one of my must-have items. You know those days when you don’t know what to wear and nothing feels good? Go basic for your base (all black or the classic white tea and jeans), and throw this on for your topper. It’s warm so it works through different temps and the trim of the fringe feels funky and fun. It’s like wearing a cozy blankie that looks good! Can’t find the right coat length for a dress? This wrap will help you make a grand entrance and then you choose if you leave it on or take it off.


One Wrap Two Ways


Key Piece #3 – Statement Sweater – $49.90


Product Image, click to zoom

Seriously, how cute is this? With light-colored distressed denim, and cute ankle boots, you have an outfit that is weekend comfy and up for anywhere.  What if you and cute are words you’d rather not have in the same sentence?  Consider it a “fabric softener” piece to the edgier pieces in your wardrobe (see the black faux leather pants below).

One Sweater Two Ways


So what do you think? What are you looking for this fall? Let me know if you have any favorites!

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*Insider Tip – Buy Now Wear Now…except

Think about the last time you brought an item of clothing.  If you are really excited about it and you really love it, chances are you will find a reason to wear it within the next 10 days. Provided it is within the current season. Don’t believe me? Check the pieces hanging in your closet that still have the tags  on, I’m willing to bet it was an impulse buy and you probably don’t feel good about it anymore. Human nature makes us buy it now it wear now kind of people – that ‘s the best part about shopping – instant gratification. Buying ahead is waaaayyy harder. What if you change your mind? What if something better comes along? It’s for these reasons that I suggest not going crazy when shopping for something that you know you can’t wear during the current season. Unless you have a specific item on your wish list, I strongly suggest you go with pieces that won’t break the bank and will still complement your current wardrobe. Even if you can get something at a steal of a price, it will only cost you valuable space in your wardrobe if you aren’t going to wear it. Now go get shopping!!!

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