Your Momma Is So Fly…

Being a mom is hard. Just the other night I had to answer some very serious questions from my 9 year-old son as I was tucking him into bed. These included, but were not limited to: Do soldiers go to heaven or hell if they kill someone during war? Do babies come out of their mom’sContinue reading “Your Momma Is So Fly…”

Cleaning Out My Closet

  Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I feel as if I have been hit by a freight train. And I have a small planet sized pimple on my face, whom I have decided to call Bob, as a result of too much food, too much wine and really too much ofContinue reading “Cleaning Out My Closet”

The 15 Best Insider Tips of 2015

  In a few days we will be starting a new year. I love January because it represents a fresh start. We get the opportunity to mentally have a clean slate. Physically, in our surroundings, we start the year by taking down all of the holiday decorations, symbolizing a simplification of sorts. As we are puttingContinue reading “The 15 Best Insider Tips of 2015”

Let It Go

Like so many other women I know I have trouble sleeping through the night. Three o’clock in the  morning seems to be that witching hour that I struggle to stay asleep. Sometimes it’s because my to-do list decides to start adding more to the list, other times it’s hormonal and I find myself drenched inContinue reading “Let It Go”

The Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Her Closet

I am sure you have heard that saying about how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Thank goodness that is not how it works in our relationship or I would have been dumped the minute I asked my husband how to boil water. What about the way to a woman’s heart?Continue reading “The Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Her Closet”

Hate your clothes? It might be all in your head.

Ever feel like you want to light a match to the entire contents of your wardrobe?  I definitely do. Right now nothing fits.Maybe it’s because I was way active, constantly exercising and eating fresh fruits and salads, so everything feels too big.  Not quite. This summer I’ve been a   sloth who slurps margaritas and calls wine andContinue reading “Hate your clothes? It might be all in your head.”

The other F word.

I’ve often had to explain to my kids the difference between a bad word, a curse word, and a not-nice-in-our-house word.  I try really hard to explain to my kids that these “curse” words are just words, they are not a big deal. I’ve let them know that should they choose to use them casually,Continue reading “The other F word.”

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Turn Your Closet Into Your Own Boutique.

Late spring is crazy, really crazy. The weather is crazy, our schedules get crazy, there are a crazy amount of events. And, as if on cue crazy stuff starts to happen in my life. For example, last Friday I spend from 9pm -3am at an emergency veterinary center because one of our senior aged beaglesContinue reading “5 Simple Things You Can Do To Turn Your Closet Into Your Own Boutique.”