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Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I feel as if I have been hit by a freight train. And I have a small planet sized pimple on my face, whom I have decided to call Bob, as a result of too much food, too much wine and really too much of everything. January is about a fresh start and for me it starts with my own closet. People often ask if I have a lot of clothes but truthfully I don’t. I get rid of things frequently and I try very hard to get rid of 1 to 2 items for every new item I bring in. As I move an item out of my closet I consider why I am letting it go. Sometimes it was flat-out a mistake, maybe just an impulse buy.  Other times it has to do with a change in my lifestyle, or even my own attitude. Like a lot of women I know, I am a little over the weight that I normally feel comfortable. My body feels swollen and sweatpants feel the best, but I must take the time to practice what I preach to my clients. I think it is important to love yourself at any size and give yourself a break. I recently turned 39 I know that part of weight gain is due to hormones but part of it is also due to my innate desire to be like my spirit animal, the sloth. Getting my heart pumping and breaking a sweat is annoying to me, but not having any energy and not having jeans that fit right is much more annoying. I know what I have to do and I will make some changes, not just for the number on the scale but because I’m a grownup and it’s time to take my health seriously. Even if I look fine to everyone else, I know inside that I am weak and tired. It’s time to fight the good fight and start exercising.

this would motivate me......The joke with my sisters when we take kids to the circus is, "Whatever you do, don't make eye contact." So funny! Not a clown fan!! ;):
A clown would make a good trainer.

In the meantime I am shedding some of the extra weight in my closet. These are great pieces but my journey with them as come to an end. I was getting ready to take them to consignment when I had a chat with one of my friends, who is also a client, about swapping clothes. You can’t even begin to imagine the amount of fabulous things I take out of one person’s closet that I know would be just perfect for someone else I know. Most times these fabulous items get taken to consignment stores but other times they are simply donated. I wondered what would happen if we eliminated the middleman and went directly to you. I thought I would start with some of my pieces to see if any of you reading are interested in this idea. If feedback seems positive we might open things up a little further and show you just what you can find something from one of my clients’ closets that belongs in yours!

And don’t worry, I promise not to clog your blog feed or emails with sales, if this proves useful to some I will create a separate link and Facebook page for those who are interested to follow. 


Here’s how it works:

All pieces are from a smoke-free home and are cleaned. Obviously they don’t sleep on my clothes, but we do have 2 dogs if anyone has severe allergy concerns. If you are interested in an item please send me an email to  From there we can discuss payment options as well as delivery of the item (mail/in person exchange) All sales will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Prices are as marked and will be final sale. Please email me with any additional questions.

Oh and in case you are wondering – Yes, I have a severe black and white addiction. My goal this year is to replace these with some color!

Nannett Lepore Tweed Boucle Jacket

size Large (fit is about a size 8) – $30



Sanctuary Faux Fur Vest

Size Small – Trimmed in black faux leather – $22

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Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress

Size 4 – $25

0114a02bd1607d3fcaed19bee0b598bb45076c9184 014cb4bbd72bda390b4cadd2ceaa709c31ddb9fe69 011ac74a429931dac266ff8fab540c6205b758f042

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Jacket

Size Small – Buttons can be turned back or pea coat style – $29

01b76fdf68e650d87ea096e6ab3ee37a544bc976b8 0158b973512a053f1682f51b81c840475dabcbf7a8 01c20bd6b44f9a12f23593ecec3b7dca333a037145 0174ef6d7ab6ee73a332866f3110afa1c8e782dca1



Design History Faux Fur Vest

Size Small, back is ribbed knit dark gray – $20

01b51b62c4d85fbf7cc626db6c1636defc28591bfb 012ccc01d4c65ad6589b7fe47cf71a1652ddc08525 01ccbbfd4fedff229862de8f4acc0c01ebfbae8844

Skies Are Blue Peplum Top

Size S – Lace and Tulle Trim – $20

01315ad9bf102831c2a03c0be1725c09f397377333 0133c12af55f375fb23ec4a453d22107c900141a35 01d3426e672a7f07b4a768d009d2525dbfb34e1271

J.Crew Black Sequin Trip Cardigan

Size M, cut slightly cropped to hit at waist – $20

01a35ffcf507273779d8559369bdba98ef2b9ea4a0 0156d8fa83deb4218d171f5c602b30313f5e0e782b 018b8db76bea3aa9ba0ec22e13733ab4f4012a8fa5


Statement Necklace

Lightweight beading, adjustable ribbon tie – $10

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*Insider Tip – Go Shopping

What should you do when you feel like crap and none of your clothes fit and it’s January?  Reward yourself with a new outfit. Why would you reward yourself that your clothes don’t fit? Well let me ask you why you would punish yourself by having no clothes that fit? Go buy something that fits you RIGHT NOW just the way you are and that makes you FEEL GOOD. I’m sure you got some gift cards over the holidays so use them now to start of the year on a positive note. When you feel good about how you look on the outside you will start to feel good on the inside. When you feel good on the inside you will feel positive and happy. When you are positive and happy you will feel motivated to exercise, eat right and take care of yourself. Then when your old clothes fit you can take the outfit that you treated yourself to and pass it on to friend or sell it at consignment.

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