A horse head, a rug and me. A love story.

When I first met my husband he was living in the very quaint town of Malvern Pennsylvania. His home there eventually become our home and I have always had a special place for this little place. When Boutique Buzzz asked me to be a part of a photo shoot for the newly expanded Knots andContinue reading “A horse head, a rug and me. A love story.”

Christmas Jammies

I love getting into pajamas. It means my day is over and I can completely unwind. Plus there is nothing more comfortable. One of my favorite parts about Christmas morning is that it seems like a perfectly feasible excuse to hang about in my pajamas for a good part of the day. This also worksContinue reading “Christmas Jammies”

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving Threads I was so excited when Boutique Buzzz asked me to share some Thanksgiving Day wardrobe tips. Head on over to their site by clicking here to see my top suggestions for staying comfortable, even if you plan on stuffing yourself. I posted some pics of some perfect holiday outfit ideas to give youContinue reading “Turkey Time”

Give Your Fashion A Facelift.

It’s a common scenario. You go to put something on from your closet, only to look in the mirror, know something is wrong, and you take it off. Two things then happen. It either gets banished to the dark unworn corners of your closet, or, you end up giving it away. Either way it feelsContinue reading “Give Your Fashion A Facelift.”

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