How to Wear a Statement Necklace

It used to be that oversize aka “statement” necklaces were only used for formal events. Remember the scene with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she gets THE necklace from Harry Winston?  Then came the costume jewelry trend just a couple of years ago. Suddenly wearing a large piece of jewelry with something as simple as a t-shirt became the look du jour.  The “statement” can be anything from fun to pretty to sophisticated. So many clients that tell me that they really like these necklaces but are afraid they will look like they are wearing a dog collar, or feel like Queen Elizabeth.  The truth is that if you are wearing one of these type of necklaces people will stare. Because it will look good! 

we musn't be afraid to sparkle

A good friend of mine gave me the most gorgeous necklace. She recently launched DeChic Boutique, a unique and carefully selected collection of some of her favorite pieces of jewelry. She started her site based upon her belief that fun jewelry didn’t have to cost a fortune.  Please click here to check out her site, and click here to read her story.


We thought it would be fun to give you some ideas on how to wear some of these statement pieces, showing they work from casual day to a night out.

Build your outfit around the colors in the necklace.

Pick one of the dominate shades and use that as your inspiration. You can start with a neutral, like white or black, and pair it back to another solid color in the piece. This blue skirt is an ancient purchase from J Crew that makes me feel like a grown-up, at least on the outside, and I paired it back to the always perfect white “Uptown” shirt from No Belly Show.


The chevron top is the same colors so the pattern still works against the necklace.


Try dressing “down” the statement of the necklace. Pair it back to more casual pieces for a laid-back look.

Denim shirts and jackets add the cool factor to almost anything, instantly.



Dress it back up for night.

Because only my girlfriends really understand how fun colored jeans can be. The necklace makes the mint colored denim work against the navy and white polka dot  top from CAbi’s Spring line.


Play with pattern. 

This outfit makes me want to play croquet on a lawn in Palm Beach. Preferably with a gin and tonic. And someone named Buffy.


Take it into the next season.

Don’t banish your fun summer necklaces to their back of your closet just because the temperatures drop. This silk blouse in yellow paired with dark skinnies takes me right into November. Notice the cream studded clutch, purchased in early spring from Ashley Austin, will blend seamlessly into my fall wardrobe.


 Want to try it? DeChic Boutique is offering a limited time promotion of $10.00 off of this necklace!   All you have to do is visit the website DeChic Boutique, and enter the code SUZIE  to get $10.00 off this piece. Oh yeah and shipping is free, ALWAYS! Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any other sales or new pieces.

In fact don’t be surprised if random strangers compliment on your necklace and ask where you got it. And if they say “Wow, I wish I could wear something like that!” Tell them they can! And of course you may encounter that one idiot, usually a creepy older guy wearing and old t-shirt,  who says something like “Why you wearin’ such a big fancy necklace?”,  just thank them for taking notice and move on.


*Insider Tip – Pick your statement.

Want to go bold with your necklace? Don’t worry about matching up your earrings. In fact matching them actually can look a little too 80’s .

Your best bet is to keep it simple and stick with something small and classic, like diamond studs, or skip the earrings all together. Rocking out with the big chandelier earrings?

From DeChic Boutique

Keep the focus on them by skipping the necklace or staying with something clean and short. The key is to always have balance so you don’t end up having other pieces competing with the star of your show, which hopefully won’t be called Dynasty.


Need more ideas? Stuck in a style rut? Message me for a personal consultation in your own closet where we can make your accessories work for you!

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