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This morning a friend called and asked what exactly should she wear to brunch? My mind exploded with ideas but here are some general ideas/guidelines. The overall goal is to achieve an outfit that looks pulled together, without looking like you tried too hard, not too fussy but comfortable, with a dash of chic. To keep things balanced do messy hair (top knot, ponytail) with a dressier outfit. If your outfit is more relaxed take the extra 5 to put on a bright red lip or a couple curls in your hair. The mix of looking like you care and don’t care at the same time is the key to that effortless look. Nobody but  you and me has to know that we actually put thought into it.  When you get a compliment, just smile and say “Thanks.”

1.Dress for the girls, not for the boys.

You know those funky things in your closet that your friends ooh and ahh over, but your husband or boyfriend looks tells you that you remind him of his grandmom? This is the time to bust out these funky (as in not sexy) pieces. You are out to chat with your girlfriends and pick up bacon, not a boyfriend. Break out those statement jackets and jewels that only your female friends can appreciate.

maxi and leather jacket: Audrey-esque - love the touches of red: leather-fringed cashmere shawl by Finds: Street Style Inspiration: A gray sweatshirt is worn with a black skirt, silk scarf, black mini Hermes bag, and round sunglasses: Clothes For Older Women: Tips For Those Seeking A Style Boost:



2. Dress for comfort.

The whole point of brunch is to eat. Really it’s to eat enough that it counts for breakfast and lunch! While I’m not suggesting you dig out your old maternity pants, I do suggest you wear something that feels comfy around your waistline.

sweaters & leggings: Love the flannel with straight leg jeans or leggings!!!!: Michael Kors Beige Poncho Sweater, LV bag, and fur.:  :

☾@moonshineeeeee: Cute~ my lt. mauve cable sweater, br suede boots, lt. toque. skinnies. Or maybe my big bf cable sweater ... or big fisherman cable sweater , etc.:


3. Work the layers.

Our weather right now is weird, really weird. You can be freezing in the morning and a couple of hours later you are overheating. Layers – think scarves, cardigans and vests are the answer. Take note of the super cute slip on sneakers paired with layers of yummy cashmere.

travel tales | style at a certain age #overfiftyblogger: Hot pink + stripes: everything: Comfort and Cozy Fall Outfit:

Multi Blanket Stitch Cape:: @Melinda Downey you could wear a button down under your grey poncho with a scarf!!:


4. Wear the cute shoes.

The good part about a brunch is that it mostly involves sitting. Since you most likely are not doing any dancing, unless of course you overdose on the mimosas, this is your chance to wear your drool worthy and unpractical shoes.

Classic 2.55 by Sincerely Jules: J.crew Black And Grey Houndstooth Pointy Toe Flats by Brooklyn Blonde: Leather skinnies + floral.: Cream on Cream on Hunter Boots.: Aminah Abdul Jillil Cobalt Blue Bow Heel:

5. Mix it up.

Itching to try something new? Maybe it’s the whole scarf-as-a-vest thing, sequin pants, or even the mixing of prints. This is your chance. It’s a short excursion to go to brunch so it’s pretty low on the time commitment scale. You’re not stuck at work or a party all day. If you try something you wouldn’t normally wear out for a test drive and you like it, great! If not you can change when you get home.

Chic of the Week: Mireille’s Pretty Patterns: gold sparkly pants: Plaid and leopard, hell yes. Pattern different unique good combo casual chic grunge chill punk: basically the two patterns i always loved to mix together my junior and senior year of high school haha:



*Insider Tip – Be Inspired

Stuck for ideas? Pinterest is the bomb. Browse through it like a never ending catalog or magazine, pin ideas and color combinations that appeal to you. It’s absolutely okay to build your look right off of someone else’s outfit, provided it’s not the same person that you are meeting for lunch, in which case it is a little Single White Female of you to copy.

This look below has always been one of my favorite pins. Although I look absolutely nothing like the girl in the photo, I love everything about it. I happen to have most of this look in my own closet, or at least something similar. The only thing that is missing is that chartreuse colored cardigan. I adore the way it mixes back to the colors, so it will go onto my notebook/shopping list.

Sunday Brunch Inspiration by sgaffney on Polyvore featuring J.Crew, Storee, 7 For All Mankind, Boden and Chanel:

Sometimes if you break down the pieces in an outfit you like, you’ll realize you have them already in your closet. And if not I am happy to help you recreate the look on your budget. Send me your pics and I’ll create a personalized Pinterest board for you to shop directly from to recreate the outfit you want.

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Please don’t do this…

Really feeling like you just want to hang in your jammies all day long? Buckley’s Tavern in Centreville Delaware offers Pajama Brunch Sundays. If you wear your pajamas you get 5% off or your meal. Not sure I am up for gracing the public with my old U2 t-shirt with holes and frayed sweats, but hey, never say never!


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