The SAG Awards Review – who made you gag and who made your tongue wag.

I wasn’t feeling well last night so I missed the live feed of the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. Known as the SAG Awards, this awards show is considered important in that the awards are given to actors by votes cast by their fellow actors. It’s also considered a playoff game of sorts for the Oscars, so you want to bring your A game.

Having gone through the pics today here are my favs….followed by my not so favs.


Viola Davis

The hair, the makeup, the accessories…all perfect. She is all out glam and it is gorgeous. I think this is my favorite look on her ever.

In a Zac Posen dress and Buccellati jewelry.:

Diane Lane

This woman is beautiful. And she ages with grace and style.She keeps it pretty classic and that is what makes it work so well. Love the way the hair is the perfect compliment to the one shoulder dress.

In Angel Sanchez.:

Sarah Silverman

The funny girl goes full on fashionista in Vivenne Westwood. It’s feminine and cut for her figure perfectly. Plus her fair skin looks like perfect porcelain, proving you don’t need to be tan to look glam.

In Vivienne Westwood.:

Helen Mirren

This British Dame pretty much always hits her mark. She makes sleeves look downright sexy and brings the sequins and shine without every going showgirl. Stunning.

In Jenny Packham.:



And here’s the looks I don’t understand…

I’m not going to name and actually names because that’s mean, so I’ll just show pictures because it’s slightly less mean. Or at least it  makes me less like I am picking on people.

I wanted to love this look, green is my favorite color and of course anything that sparkles. But what happened with the hair? It’s like they just ran out of time. And I am the only one who is sick of the naval cleavage? I don’t get it. When did showing off the area between the boobs and down to the belly button become sexy?

In Julien Macdonald.:

Just in case you don’t know what I mean about the torso cleavage, her are some more examples. All I can think about is how it must hurt when they have to take off all that sticky tape that has to hold the top of the dress to their body.

Every Single Look From The SAG Awards Red Carpet: Every Single Look From The SAG Awards Red Carpet:

I’m not really liking the side boob either. This to me just looks like the dresses don’t fit.

Every Single Look From The SAG Awards Red Carpet:

Another common trend I keep seeing on the carpet is the cutout. I think it is supposed to be sexy, seeing a peek of skin in unexpected areas, like your rib cage, but I just think it takes away from the dress, literally. I feel like they took a beautiful dress and then decided to just take pieces of it away.

Every Single Look From The SAG Awards Red Carpet:

In a Versace dress and Roger Vivier shoes.:

Every Single Look From The SAG Awards Red Carpet:

And clearly whoever styled these women was drunk. I’m sorry, I know that sounds cruel but putting these lovely actresses in these gowns is mean.

In a Gucci dress and Fred Leighton jewelry.:

In an Armani Privé dress and Brian Atwood shoes.:


So what were your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let me know you thought nailed it and who you thought failed it.

*Insider Tip – Match your hair to your dress.

I may or may not be referring to you and your front tail Demi Moore. You are gorgeous and you don’t need that distracting, oddly lonely front piece in front of your face. When going somewhere formal you want to look pulled together from head to toe. The right hairstyle can make or break the look. If your not sure what style will be the best compliment to your dress then go to the pros. Take a pic of you in your dress, or even bring your dress to your hairstylist. A good hairstylist will give you recommendations that will best compliment the shape and style of your dress. Don’t let your hair do make you a fashion don’t!

You'll Never Believe Where Demi Moore Found Her SAG Awards Gown:


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