It’s Me, Hi, I’m The Problem It’s Me

The Taylor Swift concert is “swiftly” approaching (insert bad mom joke) and deciding what to wear is a bit of a problem for me. I thought maybe it’s just me because I am super awkward at concerts because I never know what to do. I can’t sing without it being awful, and I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. I have zero rhythm and coordination. Add in that I’m a total introvert who loves sweatpants and being home and I really start to panic. I dress people to go all over the world, yet I prefer my couch. So why do I go? Because after I push myself out of my comfort zone I always have a great time making memories with my families and friends. Even though I’m a total introvert I’m grateful for all the other extroverts in my life who thankfully drag me out of the house.

Recently I have been chatting with clients and friends and so many people said “What does a woman of a certain age wear to a Taylor Swift concert?” Or really any concert? The easiest answer is anything she wants, because that is one of the perks of being an adult and of getting older…we start to care less and less about the criticism of other people. It’s a beautiful think when you learn that you can never can control what others think about you . So wear whatever makes you comfortable and happy. If anyone says anything just “Shake it Off.” I can’t stop with the puns, I’m sorry.

The true answer to “what to wear to a concert” is a little more complicated. I think you can wear anything at any age if you have the confidence for it. Right now I’m confident that me and the scale are in an argument and pizza and wine are winning. As for me, I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling 22, or 33, and I am older than 43. I’d probably cry if I saw myself in a crop top, for the safety of myself and others I need to be able to wear a bra, and I’m translucent white pale. So dresses with cutouts, backless halter tops, and short dresses are not an option for me at this time. I’m getting older. Yes, I care less what people think, but I still don’t want to scare anyone with my outfit, including myself. I have dreams someday of going to the gym and rocking something tiny and sparkly but right now it’s not happening. I just need someone to follow me around, like a minder or a personal assistant, who can smack food out of my hands and wine out of my glass. I may post a job opening for that position next week. So keeping this in mind, I’m posting wearable items for people in a similar body or mindset.

I like Taylor Swift, her songs get insanely stuck in your head and are addicting. But, I confess, I’m not a full on Swifty, and I don’t know every song on every album. I also don’t know the names of every album. I’m seeing everywhere that this Eras tour of Taylor Swift has underlying themes and anthems related to each album. I’m also seeing that many people, of all ages, are incorporating these eras into their wardrobe and totally going for it. The thing is, I am not going to go out and buy a lavender haze sequin dress to wear to one event that will sit in my closet “Never Ever Getting Back Together” with me again. (Sorry, last one, just so easy to put so many Taylor song puns in this post!) The other problem for most people is that time is flying by and we don’t have the time or the patience to plan out our outfits or go shopping for new items. So consider this a sort of a cheaters guide if you just want to shop your own closet and you are looking for some inspiration on where to start.

I put together two themes of looks, that I think work for almost any kind of concert, death and goth metal excluded. If you are in a shopping mood, I’ve linked a shopping catalogue for you to look through. I posted some Taylor items, (snake jewelry, red lip earrings, bejeweled items), but other picks are just fun items to have in your wardrobe. But make sure to check your own closet first. There’s a good chance that you already own at least some of the items needed to create one of these outfits. Get out that sequin top that you have been saving from a bachelorette party to wear to a 50th birthday party. Also, check the back of your closet for holiday items that sparkle. Also use this excuse to wear that cowboy hat that you bought to wear at the beach but never really get the nerve. This is your chance to wear those items.

And yes, thankfully, sneakers are still a go with just about anything. Unless you are Cleopatra herself, I highly doubt there are a group of men in the parking lot ready to carry you into the arena. So wearable shoes or boots are definitely a must. Years ago I made a rookie mistake with heels and literally wept with pain when we walked to the car. It was not pretty. If you do want to add to your shoe collection then a cute sneaker is still on trend and I think will become a staple classic for everyone. Also trending, but I think they are always in style, is a western style boot, especially in white. Try them with a skinny jean (I know, but I still like a classic skinny jean), or a flared bootcut style. And if you are all in and want to go full Swifty, I made a section for that as well. Some of the items are really fun and beautiful, and if you love them enough you will find a way to wear them again. Maybe host a pastel butterfly sparkle themed birthday party next year? You never know. Sequins and sparkles really can be fun, and they are not just for fast food type fashion. Rick Owens makes a black sequin bomber jacket for $3,600, so, trust me, high fashion is in on the shiny stuff too.

I am posting around two themes – one is kind of Rocker/Glam (black, sequins, gold) and the other is more of Country/Western-ish theme (boho, denim, white). They are both hybrids of multiple items so this is your warning that they may not be full Swifty approved.

This is your typical country, western vibe with a little bit of this odd coastal cowgirl trend that is making it’s rounds. Forget the name of the trend and just think denim, eyelet fabric, easy white dresses, western boots, anything fringed and an overall laid back vibe. Don’t have fringed jeans? Make them! Cut the hem off of a pair of jeans just above the stitched hemline. Then pull the threads out and apart for a lived in frayed look.

This is more of an edgy rocker, glam look. So a little bad ass with sparkle. Anything glittery, sparkly and bejeweled will do the trick. Add some edge with distressed denim, black leather pants, and anything that feels a bit grittier and not so sweet. Throw a simple blazer or leather jacket over any of these looks if you want the extra layer for cooler night temps.

This is if you want to go full-on Swifty – go all out and embrace any of the current themes and eras – Reputation album with the snake theme, girly and pink for Speak Now and softer pastels for the Lover album. I think I personally have a crush/obsession over that All Saints camo beaded snake jacket (and yes ,I am terrified of snakes, but I am not cool and I would feel cool in this jacket because it is giving very cool vibes that I would like to borrow).

Still drawing a “Blank Space” on what to wear? Email me or text 610-517-2983 to schedule a 30 minute zoom/FaceTime session and I’ll help you pick out something right from you closet!

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  1. Yes!!! More posts like this please. I’m good with day to day looks but struggle with ‘special events’ like concerts, sporting events, etc. Add several items to my Nordstrom cart ❤️

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